Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ek sath mein ,main sath sath

Ek sath mein  ,main sath sath
(I am 77  in  2017)


   Today is my birthday.Seventy  seven years back , I started this journey   from a  hamlet  near Parlikkad(near  Wadakanchery).Though initially called Durai by my maternal grand parents  , soon I became Raja to my Paternal grand mother  .Since my father was having a hotel in Bidar(now in Karnataka), I spent my first three   years of life there. My father  then purchased a hotel in Secunderabad  and I moved there with my sister  and parents. Due to the Razakkar  movement  , we were forced to go to Kerala. Intially I went to my  maternal grand father’s house in Ayilur   and later  to Chelakkara.After studing three years in Malayalam medium with Sanskrit as second language , I went to live in Secunderabad with my father. I spent four years there. The next 8 years of my life was spent in hoistels in TRichur, Annamalainagar, Calcutta and Delhi..I then got a job as Gazetted officer(I was only 23)   in a village called Vittal in South Kanara district of Karnataka. I spent next 7 years there. Later I shifted to Coimbatore .I got married while in Coimbatore. After spending three  years in Coimbatore  , we moved to Rajhamundry  of Andhra Pradesh.After spending  three years there , in 1976 , we shifted to Bangalore. For the past 40   years we were  Bangloreans. Collating facts , during this 77 years of life, I  have  lived in Karnataka for 50 years, Kerala  for 7 years , Tamil Nadu  for  6 years, Andhra Pradesh  for ten years , Bengal for one year and New Delhi for 2 years .AS a result  I can read, write  and speak  Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and English   and speak and understand  Telugu and Kannada  and working knowledge of Bengali  ,Besides  I have   got trained  in French and German.
      Though when people ask  me   I say I am a Tamil speaking  Brahmin from Kerala, possibly  it should be changed to  I am a tamil, Malayalam,  Telugu    and Kannada   speaking  Brahmin from Karnataka. Hope you will agree  I had a very interesting life. You may ask me Where to?
Marching ahead   with closed   eyes in my chosen path,
I  have reached   another   mile stone   in my life  .
“What have   I achieved   so far  in your journey ?” you may ask,
And I would reply, “Every step I take  , takes  me  nearer to god.”


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