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The Husband and wife market in India

The  Husband and wife market in India


(I saw a Tamil write up about this. It was only quoting  about write up of Husband/Wife store  in a web site  called . My writing is similar to it but   for south Indian conditions. Felt sad  after writing it and not funny.)

Some one in  India read   about American  Husband store,
And wanted   to open a husband and wife   store   in India   too.
The husband market was  organized in six enclosures,
With each  enclosure   having  malls of only one husband type

At the entrance there    was a big board .”You can,
Choose only one husband  or one wife  and once you do  ,
A helicopter   would land there   and take   ,
You both   out   of that mall  to outside  to get married.

Also, you way is  always  forward    and once you ,
Leave a enclosure   you cannot  return to it again.
And we assure you  that husband/wife    in next enclosure,
Would   have  one more desirable quality than previous one

A:Husband  Market

Naturally   there was   a very costly admission ticket  ,
And  only few  ladies   were there and went in  one after   another  ,
One girl   entered the    first enclosure  and a board announced,
“Tall, white,  business  people   or priests six figure income, all  conditions Okay”

The   girl did   not even hesitate even for a   second,
She waved  her hand off  , “ cannot Marry   a priest  and live in orthodox hell,
Or marry a business  man whose   income    is never  stable,
And  whose working    hours    from  dawn to night.” said she

The  girl crossed  to the next enclosure    quickly   and there,
The board announced , post graduate   good job , tall  and white,
And again the girl    quickly   decided “  Who would marry,
A mere post graduate   in these  times  of high fashion”

She crossed    with haste   to the next enclosure  where it was put,
“Tall,  fair,  B.Tech soft ware  engineers  , only son , and  has  to look after  his parents”
And the girl again did not hesitate  “why the hell such people ,
Come to this market, Which girl would look after   his parents?’

She entered   then to the next enclosure  , which looked better,
“Grooms tall  , white    ,  post graduate soft ware engineers,
Employed in  MNCs    with five figure    salary  , has parents dependent on him ,
Who would visit  once in a while , The girl  felt okay but crossed to the next .

The next Enclosure  board   said  , Grooms , tall  , white, post graduate ,
Has  a job in USA, Parents  not dependent   on him   but  is averse,
To spend money  like water and the girl   thought for a while ,
Decided to try   for better  grooms and crossed  through the next gate.

There  was no mall there  but there  was a board   ‘an Indian groom  ,
Who is suitable    to you   is yet    to be born   in  this world  ,
Bye for now   but   next year   do come back   , for  ,
Fresh stock of eligible grooms is  on their way.   

B:The wife   Market
Next   to the husband store   a simple   small  building ,
Said it was   a wife   store   for eligible gooms,
Again there    were   few  Enclosures   and malls there,
And a board  said , the way was  forward  only

Unlike the husband store   there was a very big queue ,
Before the store, and grooms were left in   one by one,
In the first Enclosure   the board told, Educated  brides,
Willing to marry ordinary but educated   grooms.

About   forty  percent   grooms chose  their brides  there,
And the rest twenty   moved to the next enclosure ,
And it was put there  , “pretty brides  , well educated,
Employed “ and thirty percent got  married there,

The rest thirty  stepped  in to the third enclosure,
Which was completely   empty  , “No brides  in stock here,
Come  after   some time when new stocks  arrive,
And those thirty  percent  grooms never got any bride  in their life,

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