Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything is perhaps done by our own selves

Everything is  perhaps done by our own selves


(Very philosophical  and difficult to understand .It clearly tells that  when something is done by its own self m it is done by nature/God. This is based on the face book posting of  Rajagopal srinivasan. Thank you sir )

The day breaking as well  as  day ending are happening  by their  own self,
The flowers  open by themselves ,
The eyes  open by themselves  ,
The passing of time is  only by its own self,
The mind becomes  joyous  by its own self.

The changes   take place   are by their  own self,
By aid  of  our own self  or by process  of nature,
Which means     that they  are caused  by  God himself.

Let us understand  this by our  own efforts,
Let us live happily in this world by our own self,
Even when we like and greet  , let it be by our own self,
This would be taken as  truth  again by our own self,

“Ourselves”  and “ we  by our own self”  are  like that ,
Becoming  “this” or “that “  and “how”  is again  done by our  one selves,
Let us not make   anything  our own,
 And let us with love , give away  willingly by our own self,

“By our selves”, “By our own  selves” , every thing is  done  by our own selves
Let us think ourselves  about how   we came   to this  place,
Let us praise others and  live   and Let us  become  prosperous by our own selves,.

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