Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Paths lead to same goal , one may be rough and another smooth.

Paths lead to same goal , one may be rough  and another smooth.


(I got this idea after   reading about  one of Shirdi Sai Baba’s teaching  in Tamil. If only    we understand and follow it!

All water   that falls   on earth   flows to the  sea ,
And just like it   all paths lead  to  same God,
Understand this well and never  please say,
That one path is good  and another bad.

One man consumes  rich and sweet food,
Another man can only   consume cheap and plenty of food,
Yet another  may be able to consume  only pieces  of old bread,
All of them satiate  their hunger but  the former  is elated  and last very sorry

One man wears  only   silks   and modern cloths,
Another   wears   clean net and pressed cloths ,
Yet another  may be able to wear  only old tattered  cloths,
And all of them cover up their body  but the  former is elated and the last very sorry.

One boy studies  in English medium convent  ,
Another boy studies  in govt. aided  English mediun school,
Yet another  studies  in a tamil medium govt. school,
And all of them gain same knowledge but the former is elated and  the last one is very sorry,

One man sleeps  on  very soft  bed of cushions with silk spreads,
Another    sleeps on a   cotton bed   with cotton spreads,
Yet another   sleeps on a bare  mat  without any  spreads ,
And all of them sleep  well but the former is elated  and the last very sorry.

One man  marries  an epitome  of beauty who is an actress or model,
Another   weds   an ordinary   lady   with   average beauty,
Yet   another weds a girl considered not pretty  by others,
And all of them enjoy wedded life  but the former is elated  and the last is very sorry.

One man begets   only     sons  ,
And another    begets  sons as well  as ladies,
And yet another   begets  only girls,
And all of them have children who love them,  but  the former is elated  and the last one  is very sorry.

Joy and sorrow    are but  graded illusions   which are   the sides of a polygon,
Though  these  different  emotions   lead  us    to the same goal,
People   due to Maya  think that  one illusion at the top is great,
And another  at the bottom as bad , which is  the trick of Maya.

As same incident  can be    sorrow   for one person  and joy for another,
Understand this  and do not such thoughts  of comparison creep in to you.
And please  follow   the path   allotted by fate  to you,

And  stand stiff    and  fight  and march ahead in life.

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