Thursday, January 26, 2017

Logic of face washing

Logic of face   washing

Rewritten by

This   is  but a rewriting of post in English  of Subramanian Raman   but written by me  in my own words.  Thanks are due to  Subramanian Raman


There was   a great expert  in logic ,
And he approached a great Guru,
And told  him that , as a great expert in Logic
He would answer all  questions of logic  from the Guru.

Guru said, “Two persons got down the chimney together,
One’s face was dirty    and another’s was clean,
Who would wash   his face “, the logician laughed,
“Ofcourse   the  one whose   face    got dirty.”

The guru said “wrong logic , the one whose face is clean,
Would wash his face  , because , he sees the other person’s face was dirty.”
The logician agreed  and requested    the Guru to ask another question,
And the  Guru asked    the same question once more.

The logician laughed., “ofcourse  I know the answer ,
Which you just told me , The man whose face is clean,
The Guru said , “No, both of them  would wash his face,
The dirty one would see the clean one  wash hisa own face  and he would also wash.”

The logician wanted one more question    and the Guru,
Asked the same   question ., and the logician asked “But who”
The guru said neither  as the one with dirty face    does not clean,
And seeing him the one with clean face   also does not clean.”

The logician wanted Guru to ask   question  one more time,
And the guru asked the same question   and the logician,
Did not even smile and Guru told , “The story is impossible,
When they come down together  , both their faces would be dirty.”

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