Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dedicated to all mothers of the world

Dedicated  to all mothers  of the world

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(From whatsapp, Thanks to whosoever has written it ,  Do  also  read  as well  as  and shed  tears for  the God sent angel,  but for whom, you would not be there  .)   

Though home was  built by father , for us it  is  our mother’s home.

Kitchen is the office of mother , and her expected salary  is our love.

There is no need  of medicine  if we get fever,
The frequent touch of mother   to see if it  has gone is more than sufficient.

Oh friends who tease me  for putting  the  dash of turmeric spot  in  the new dress,
In spite  of my growing up, this is not put by me but by my mother.

The only worry of  mother  attacked by typhoid, is that   she would  not able to cook.

The beggar who calls “Oh mother” to get alms, is the Guru  of all psychiatrists.

By telling any lie mother  can be deceived, except “I have already   taken food.”

When  rarely  father  and son laugh together, mother wipes .
Her eyes for the dust that  had not fallen and moves away.

It is these mothers   who fill up the bags  of  children going ,
To outside their  city , with love  soaked   unlimited  eatables.

When children need  to pay school feel  , they approach only their mother,
Because she will get it from father or give it herself and get chastised by father.

Though  both parents are inside home , we only knock  the door and call “Mother”

In all poems written on mother at least  two wet marks of tears would be there.

The international   slogan of mothers  is “My child cannot tolerate   hunger.”

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