Sunday, January 1, 2017

Death came knocking

Death   came  knocking

Rewritten  by

(This very emotive write up   was  posted in face book by  Mohan Krishnaswamy / Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan  .My thanks   are due to them  .)

Death  Came  and met a man ,
Called  him, “Please   come,
“As the time for you   to go  ,
Along with me   has come.”

Man asked “So soon  time to go,
Then what would happen to my plans,”
Death begged    his pardon and told ,
That it is not concerned  with his plans.”

Man Asked “What about   the money  ,
That I earned  by working day and night,”
Death replied , “They  are for life of earth,
And  absolutely  of no use   in heaven..”

Man said  “Hey wait  ,what   about ,
My great  abilities  which I acquaired?”
Death told  him with a  sneer,
“Again no use there in heaven.”

Man was bewildrered   and asked,
“What about my   wife  ,my children,
My relatives   and my friends?”
Death said, “they  are connected  with your heart.”

Man thought   he    was extremely clever ,
And asked , “What   about my body then?”
Death  roared   with laughter and told,
“It is not yours but belongs to the earth.”

Man clearly   understood    that , there was,
Nothing in this earth   which was  his,
And  asked death  , “Does   that mean,
There is nothing in this world which is mine?”

Death   with a sigh   said , “No , the  time you.
Lived in this earth is   for sure   yours,
The charity, the good  that you did,
And the harm   that  you have done ,
And the sins   that you committed  here ,
Are definitely    yours  and would come with you,”

“The time   that   you live in this world is short,
And  oh  Man  get  altered  to suit   to the other land,
Which may be heaven or hell as per your deeds,

And possibly   you may be  born again here many times more,”

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