Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The heart gives birth to a man

The heart gives birth to a man


(Based on a  story in Malai Malar, Tamil news paper)

It was dark night  in the suburbs of chennai,
One empty taxi was   coming with great speed on the road,
A middle aged  lady frantically  waved and stopped  the taxi,
And said to the taxi driver “Brother  I need to go to hospital”

The taxi driver  vigorously     shook his head to  say no,
And said, “I am hungry  ,I have to h go home , take food and sleep,”
The lady fell at his   feet  on the    bare dry earth  and pleaded,
“My daughter  has labour  pain, Please   do not say  no.”

The Taxi driver  thought a while and  said , “Would you give me ,
Five hundred  rupees?” and the lady said , “anything you ask, even thousand.”
The lady and her daughter  got in to the taxi   and started moving fast,
And the daughter   was shrieking   in severe  God given pain.

Unfortunately they   had to cross   a   railway level crossing.
And  the taxi was forcibly made to wait ten minutes there,
And in the pitch darkness, the shriek of  the pain of the daughter,
Made the   eyes   of the taxi    driver    full with tears.

They reached the hospital, girl was  rushed  in side ,
And after some time  her shriek subsided and they heard an infant cry,
And the doctor came and told the lady  , she had a  grand son,
And with beaming face  filled with joy , the lady gave the driver  five hundred.

He said “no”  and refused  the money    and told  ,
“Now only  I realize  the pain my mother  underwent ,
To give birth to me” and he  immediately phoned.
And asked  “Is it the   old age   home “ and they said yes.

“Sorry madam to call you this late , A few days back ,
I admitted a lady  in your home  saying she is an orphan,
She is not an orphan   but my own mother  .
I would come tomorrow morning   to her bring her back.”

Only   when   one really is pregnant  with  the real truth ,
The truth   would shock him to the core ,
And he would   be shrieking in pain  to deliver,
And  his   heart   would give birth   to a man.

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