Saturday, December 31, 2016

Are we happy miserly donkeys who enjoy life?

Are   we  happy   miserly donkeys   who enjoy life?


(The idea  is not mine but based on a write up called  “Equations”  in Whatsapp.My thanks to whosoever  conceived   this great idea.)  

All  man and women  eat , work  , sleep  and enjoy,
But poor donkey does  eat , works  hard and sleeps,
And   does not know  what it is to enjoy,
And so   we call a man and woman  who does   not enjoy  as donkeys.

All  men earn money  , eat because of it and sleep,
But poor donkey    does not earn money for himself,
And poor thing does  not understand  what it means,
And so   we call a man who does  not earn  any money as  a donkey

Some  women    eat , sleep and   do not  spend  money,
But poor donkey   does not have any money,
And poor thing    does not  know what “Spend”  means  ,
And so can  we call woman does not spend money  as a donkey.

Thus  it is crystal  clear   to  all of  us normal ones,
That a man who does not allow  a woman to spend ,
And a woman   spends  money so that man cannot earn,
Are    doing  great help  to each other by not allowing  each  other to become a donkey.

It also is clear   that  man is a donkey who earns  money,
And a woman is a donkey   that  does not   spend  money,
And when they  both decide to live together  and enjoy
They would become  two happy donkeys  who earn and  do not  spend.

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