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The never diminishing offerings(Naivedhyam) to God

The never diminishing   offerings(Naivedhyam)  to God

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(I read the  Tamil  original in Tamil from the post of  my face book friend Sri Guru Moorthi.  My deep sense of acknowledgement to him.)

One disciple    told his Guru  ,
I am not able to believe,
That God   takes  even a bit,
Of the food offerings given to him.,

“If he indeed    takes a little   bit,
There should be  a reduction  in quantity,
Of  the food offered   to God by us”,
Told the   disciple   to his guru.

The Guru only smiled   and took him,
The school   of Vedas   run by him,
And he asked the   disciple  to take a Veda book,
To absorb a sloka   from Vedas  in to his mind.

The Disciple   who was   very intelligent ,
Learnt by heart   a great sloka   from Vedas,
And without committing   even a single mistake,
He chanted it before his Guru.

The Giru was extremely happy  and asked his disciple,
“Now go and bring the book   from where  you learnt this”
And the disciple  just did that and the Guru   opened the page,
From where the disciple   had learnt the sloka by heart.

Then the Guru told him, “Just now you told this sloka,
And I thought   it   would have vanished   from the book,
But it seems to be   very much there , that too completely.”
And  then the disciple  asked” How can it get reduced?”

The Guru then told , “Your mind  has the sloka from Vedic book,,
In  a spiritual form  and the macro  form of the Sloka,
Does not get diminished   by it   and like that,
God eats   the offering to him  in spiritual form only ,

And so  the macro form   of your offering never diminishes.”

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