Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An ayurvedic doctor treating Cancer

An ayurvedic doctor   treating Cancer in a  small village  near Shimoga

There  is an ayurvedic doctor   who is supposed   to treat Cancer successfully   He is  an Ayurvedic physician   in a  village called  Narasipura  near  Shimoga  Though Shimoga   is a town,  Narasipura   is a very small village   with zero facilities .The medicines for one month   by this doctor is dispensed   on Thursdays and Sundays only. It  starts early morning at 7 Am. By that time there would be large crowd  of people  waiting  in a queue  to see .The patient need not be taken to him but all test reports should be taken. All the information you need about the doctor   is available in  

I have only  heard about this  selfless doctor   but never have visited him.,That doctor does  not advertise himself and discourages people   to talk about him. His charges are nominal . This   is  just for your information.

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