Monday, May 22, 2017

Let hurts get washed off and good deeds live forever

Let hurts  get washed off and good  deeds live forever

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One very rich  friend   and his very poor friend,
Were   once  forced   to cross   a big  desert.
They started the journey   sharing   the small quantity,
Of Water   as well as  food that  both of them had.

But when  The poor man  exhausted his small  stock quickly,
The rich man   still had   more  of food and water ,
But  he stopped   sharing   what   he had with him,
And then they saw   a very huge   date palm  in the desert,

The Poor man ran to pick up the fallen fruits   but the rich one,
Pushed him away    and took all the date   fruits   for himself only,
And when the poor man said “Give me some as   you have plenty of food.”
The rich man got very angry and beat him  and poor   man wrote on the sand,
Which was hot    that “My fried   beat   me    for no reason .I felt sad.”

The stock of water    with both of them  got exhausted  and  then they saw,
A little water  in the  green patch of  land   and though the rich man  rushed there first,
He thought    the misery that  his friend   was undergoing and gave all the water  to him,.
The poor man   searched   for a stone   and wrote “My frind sacrificed his wants  and helped me.”

Then an Angel   appeared   there and asked the poor friend   , why he wrote  earlier on sand,
And now on  stone and   the poor but wise    friend   replied  “The mistakes   done should,
Vanish in thin air  and the good that   he did should live  as  long  as   the  world lives.”
And he said , “The greatest  thing that   we have to earn is not wealth but  human relationship.”

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