Sunday, May 7, 2017

The greatness of wife

The greatness  of wife

Translated from Tamil,

The greatness of water can be seen in crops,
The greatness  of land can be seen in crop  yield,
The greatness   of education  can be seen in your position,
The greatness of wealth can be  seen in poverty,
The greatness of mother can be seen in her  affection,
The greatness  of your father can be seen in your wisdom,
The  greatness  of a friend can be seen in his  help,
The greatness  of elder brother can be seen in his gifts,
The greatness  of elder sister  can be seen in  her hug,
The greatness of younger brother   can be seen in  his kindness,
The  greatness  of younger sister  can be seen in the food she serves,
The greatness of a daughter   can be seen in the respect she gives.
The greatness of son can be seen in the  burden g he bears

But the  greatness of a wife can be seen  in everything

But unfortunately this can be realized   only after  her death

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