Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Kali age

The  Kali age 


(  Read this old story as posted by my friend Bhanu Ravi  and made some modifications and additions. Thanks)

Four Pandavas  except the eldest   after  a great rule in Dwapara  Yuga,
Started   ruling  in the Kali yuga  and they wanted ,
To know    how   the Kali yuga    would   be,
And asked “how it would be?”  to their  greatest  Guru  , Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna then said   he would show them how   it is,
And sent four arrows   to  each of the  four directions,
And requested   each of them to go   in one direction,
Search for the arrow  sent by him   and bring it back.

Bhima went first   went and saw    one well   surrounded ,
By  another four wells  and though the well in the centre  was  ,
Full of  very clear   good water , the wells surrounding it were dry,
And BHima   could not make  any thing out of it and came back.

Arjuna   went in another direction and heard a pretty  song of a bird,
And he was shocked to see   a Koel  singing as well as eating  a white rabbit  which was suffering great pain,
And Sahadeva    went in another  direction  and saw  a cow,
Licking   its  own just  born calf   creating  blood oozing wound on it.

Nakula  went in yet another direction and saw  the arrow near a mountain,
And when he took it  a huge stone rolled from the top   and ,
Could not be stopped   by huge trees  but was  stopped  by  a grass plant
And each  of these   four Pandavas   explained   in detail what they saw ,
And asked their  Guru and friend   to explain   “what is  meant by these ?”

Krishna  smiled and told , “Bhima  in Kali age   there  would be very rich people  ,
And extremely poor starving  people   but the rich would not  give anything  to the poor,
Just like the  well   in the centre   was full of water  and not giving  to  starving   wells,
And Oh Arjuna  , in Kali age  religious Gurus   and teachers   would talk in a sweet attractive voice,
But they would be engaged  in torturing  and deceiving others like    the koel did to Rabbit.

He continued , “Oh Sahadeva  in Kali age the parents   would   cause   harm ,
To their children by blind love and would never realize  that it would cause  harm to them”
He then said to Nakula “In Kali age  people would behave  without restraint  like that  stone,
And  nothing  huge and  big would be able to stop them , except  God  who is like the tiny grass.”

And then Lord   Krishna   took all   the four  of them to sage  Vyasa,
Who was bathing  and as soon they reached  he told “Those  in Kali age  are lucky”,
Then he took a dip in the water   and said  “Women are  specially  lucky in Kali age.”
He took  one more dip and told “The devotees of God   are lucky in Kali age”
And after  bath he explained    a thousand year  THapas  in other  ages,
Is equivalent   to one day THapas in Kali age   and   a Lady who would find .
Going to heaven difficult  un other ages can go there  just by serving  her husband.
And a devotee  in Kali age need only tell the name of God once , instead of daily several times in other ages.
And he    said    That   is the reason that  I told  that Kali and Lady are lucky.

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