Monday, May 15, 2017

God’s angel- our mother

God’s angel- our mother


(Based on write up of my friend  Sri Rajagopal  SRibivasan  in Tamil.My acknowledgements to him)

There   was  a great  scholar  in our  land,
Who was  greatly   devoted   to Lord Krishna ,
And due to this    the  Lord   used  to converse with him,
And  he went  to Vaikunta   and   was playing  with his lord.

One day  , When the  positive   effect  of all good  Karmas,
Was exhausted  , Lord Krishna  told him , to again take birth as a man,
And the Great Scholar   was greatly   upset  rushed   to  Lord Krishna ,
And asked him, “Should  I leave   and again go back    to earth.”

The Lord said  , “Yes”   and the  Great scholar  entered  the womb,
Of a lady    and the time came   for him    to go out to the world.
The scholar asked  Krishna “ Am I not too   small to be born now itself?,
How  am I going   to live in the world? And Lord   Krishna  amiled  and told.

“I have arranged   with an angel  to look after   you there  and so do not worry?”
The great scholar asked, “all these days  I was singing and playing with you ,
What will now happen?”  abnd the   God replied “ the good angel   would do all that.”
The great Scholar  was worried further  and asked “I  do not know  their language.”

Lord Krishna   told   that  angel   with great love   would   teach you   their lingua,
But the scholar   further asked “But   how would   I be able    to talk to you?”
Lord Krishna said, “that angel would  teach you   how to salute  me and pray to me”
The great scholar   asked, “I know    there  are very cruel people there, and how will I manage?”

Krishna continued,” That angel would protect you” but the   great Scholar   was shivering,
And asked the God, “Okay, Okay  , what is the name   of that great angel of yours?”
God said “Her name is Mother and even   without your calling , she would do all,

The services that you need and even before you calling her  she would  dedicate  herself to you.”

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