Saturday, May 20, 2017

Where is God , how is he and what does he do?

Where is God , how is he  and what does  he do?

(based  on a famous folk tale)

There  was a very great  king  in South  of India,
Who was well  known as  “Krishna   Deva Raya”
And in his  court   were  eight  great geniuses,
Whom  the world  called “Eight  great  wise elephants.”

One day the   king  came to the court   with lot of confusion,
And  he told those eight   wise  people . “ since  yesterday,
I am not able    to sleep  at all as my mind is asking  ,
“Where  is God ?  How is he ?and what is he doing?”

I expect  one  of you wise  people   to solve this great puzzle,
So that  from today at least  , I can have a peaceful  sleep.”
The wise  people   of the court   were greatly  baffled,
And Tenali  Rama , the court  jester  stood up  to answer the king.

Tenali Rama lighted  a big candle   and asked   the king,
“Which direction   does   candle’s flame   snow? and king said.
“ofcourse  top”and then Tenali Rama  kept   the  candle on the ,
Left ,  right  , down and asked the king “where?” and king said “Yop”

Then Tenali Rama  told , this holds  for God also  and he is always on the top,
And then Tenali Rama   asked the servants to bring   a cup of milk ,
And asked”If we add curd to this  what will  happen?”  and king said,
“It would become curd.” And Tenali Rama  asked , “if we churn the curd?”
King said “WE would get butter “And Rama asked “If we heat the butter” king said “ghee”

Tenalai Rama asked the king “Do you then agree   that  this cup of milk,
Has curd, butter  and ghee   also ?”  and the king said “yes” and Rama asked”
“PLease tell  me  onwhich side  of the   cup these are   there? “ and the king answered,
“Impossible to tell” and Rama said , “Similarly God is every where and it is not   easy to find him>”

The king wanted  answer to his  last question as to what  is God doing now.
And Tenali Rama requested the  king to occupy his seat  and permit him to sit on the throne,
And then Rama summoned  king’s police and asked  them  to imprison the mad king,
And Rama told “Just for fun, God made you  in to a   very ordinary person ,

Who will obey my orders   in this moment”And king got answers   to all questions.

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