Monday, May 22, 2017

Best groom among the software eggs

Best  groom among   the software  eggs

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(This again    was seen in a whatsapp posting by me written in Tamil  . Thanks  to that unknown author)

Vidya’s father    brought   a bunch  of alliances  from Bharath Matrimony,
Gave all  of them to her and told  . “All these  grooms   work in software firms,
And  my friend says  , they earn a lot   and so  you please choose  one of them.”
And Vidhya who knew not   anything approached her   soft ware friend and consulted her.

Vidhya asked  “The first  is a project manager, please  tell about them.”
And her friend told “He   would act as  if he   is extremely   busy all the time,
He would ask you  to cook one kg of rice  and feed fifty people,
 He would buy a cabbage  and ask you   to make Gobi Manchuruian,
If you say  impossible  , he would  say  that your job  to  make it possible,
He would arrange  a night cab  and ask you  to work more  time.
And Vidhya said  “No he is not suitable at all as life would be miserable .”

Her friend continued”The second one is a test   engineer , whose job is to find fault  ,
And so whatever you do , he  will criticize it   and point out all faults,
If you cook a great feast to please him, one by one  he would tell us ,
All  the faults in each dish and suppose   you with sorrow ask him,
“Would you not point out the good in anything “ , he would say,
“No, making good   is your job and finding fault is my job.” And Vidhya naturally rejected.

Her friend  said,”The third is a performance auditor   and he is the most dangerous of the lot,
He is the worst of the lot  for if you prepare coffee   for   him, he would ask,
Why  you took  ten minutes   as it should take you only five minutes  and if you answer,
“Filter coffee “, He would say  the time  is more important  and he would be,
Watching all  your actions  including wearing a dress , washing your face m
Searching for a shoe  and tell you  that  you are not at all  time conscious  and efficient”
Without   much thinking   Vidhya said  “No, definitely  no.”

Vidhya then  decided   to say no to all software  grooms  but her friend told,
After  going through  the list. “Ah you missed  this guy who is a software  developer.
Here is a guy who will never expect you to do anything  and do everything himself,
But  the only problem is He would say  that “I know that” for every question,
And  whatever you shout at  him , he would smile  , if every few minutes,
He would say  “You are a very good person and know everything ...”
Vidhya  said “The best   among  the  worst , let me say  Ok to him”

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