Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Masks

The Masks


( Based on a short story  I read in Kumudam  , The tamil  magazine.
On reading it  , I could   think of   the  need   to have  several such masks,
So that life   becomes   tolerable    and bearable)

 I was one day   standing in market  street,
With my friend   , who works   with me,
One gentleman known to me  approached me,
And   I started   taking to him as  follows.

I  have   come here    to this market to make purchases,
Since I have  lots of savings   in the bank  ,
Though our  washing machine   and fridge ,
Are not at all old , I thought  of buying  new ones.

That gentleman   said great  news   and left the place ,
Another   gentleman   now approached  me and I told him,
This is my friend  , since   I am  badly in need of money,
I approached  him for a big loan  and he  too  left immediately.

My friend    who was   standing  with me  was blinking ,
And asked me  , “ I am not   able  to inderstand you”
And I said  “Very simple  the first man   was my neighbour ,
And I want to impress him, and second my close relation.

I wanted   to make him  understand   that I am not that well off,
And if he   is thinking of tapping me  for money , I do not have it.
These  are   two of the masks   that  wear very often,

So that I can  impress the people   as per my choice.

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