Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Late self realization by a very old husband

Late  self  realization   by  a very old husband

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Translated   in to English

I am seventy,
My mind  and body  stand without  any support,

I could have appreciated  and  treated my wife 
In a much   better way  for  these forty years.

I could have swept aside my anger  ,
And I could have appreciated her and,
Asked    her apologies   for being a  angry boor.

I could have appreciated her cooking,
I  could have cooked one day,   
And I could have fed her that day   by my hand.

At least for just one day  I could   have,
Washed my cloths  along with her  cloths and ironed them.

At least for one day   instead   of enjoying  ,
The  great taste    of   a  milk shake 
I could have enjoyed telling her ,
What a great lady      she is.

I could have left    my  disappointment and anger ,
Of  my office there itself   and returned empty  handed,
And could have told her , “sorry dear , it was a bad day in office.”

At least  on one of my holidays , I could have taken her to a  picture,
I  could have  applied for some leave  and could have,
Roamed    from city to  city along with her   and made her happy.

Even without her asking  , I could have a bought a  nice dress for her,
Telling that  “I thought  she would lok pretty in that dress.”

At least once I could have    given her,
 My   entire    salary to her  and requester  her manage the home.

At least for one day   I could   have surprised  her,
BY taking her to the first day  , first show of a great  movie.

At least one day , I could have   dimmed the  sound of alarm clock,
Early in the morning   and allowed   her to sleep a  little more.

I could have asked   her “Have you taken your food?”
And I could have taken her  to  have  dinner   with me on some days.

When she looks  bad, I could have   enquired    about her health  ,
I could have  helped her   in looking after  the children ,
I could have   done   the shopping     for her   and
When she really fell sick , I could have taken loan and  saved her 

Oh my darling , Oh my mother  ,
As long as you were with me I lead  a regal life,
And after  you left me   I  am slipping   and falling often,
Our elder one does not have time    to lift me up,
And the younger one does not have time to prepare tea and gets angry,

Oh my darling , I should have  appreciated you  ,
And could have made   you the   queen of my home .
Pardon me darling   for making a mistake  .

I am one who   never bought  any  flowers  to decorate your hair,
But daily I am garlanding your photo which does not breath,
And I am daily    asking you  for your pardon.

Please pardon me  Darling  ,
If there   is going to be another birth ,
Please    do not mind  and become my wife again,

For this life  has taught  me ,  what a great  wife you were.

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