Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The single rose flower

The single  rose flower

Vadukam R.Srikumar  , Erode

Translated   by

(I read this  pretty poem in Kumudam Tamil  Magazine. My acknowledgements and thanks   to   the author as   well as Kumudam)

The ants also   built   a tajmahal ,
After  collecting   the pieces  of  your nails,
Which  you bite and   spit  it out.

All the flowers that decorated your hair,
Are standing in a queue after taking boon   from God,
For  once again   opening   in your garden.

When you come  out , it does   not rain,
Becoming shy   after   seeing   your prettiness,
Due to  the moon in the sky hiding its face  using the clouds.

In the early morning  when  you woke up from sleep,
After  applying Mehandhi in all your    ten fingers,
The Mehandhi has turned  itself   dark red.

Do not  dress   yourself   compeletly in green,
For there  is danger  of  some one plucking your face,
Thinking  it is a single   rose flower on a  green plant

I am  not telling  a lie that your pretty walk  ,
Is  really great(raises dust) for due   to your steps,

The dusts  are   proudly flying   saying their  penance is over.

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