Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Four wives

Four wives

(Completely based on the story in   alltimeshort stories.com)

There   was a person with four wives   and he loved   the fourth one   the most,
He fulfilled    all her desires and  bought to her all that   she ever wanted,
He also loved   the third one, but did want  to she her before others as ,
So that she   would not  fall in love with some one else  and run away with him,
He   also loved   his third wife   but he approached   her  only when he was  in trouble,
And whenever he had  problems  , he used to   consult her  and do accordingly.
He did not love his   first wife  , though  she loved him and looked   after him.

One day   he was on his death bed  and he wanted  one wife  to go with him after  death,
He called  the fourth one and asked and she   refused and deserted  from him immediately,
He called    the third one  and she  said,”You are going  to die  and I am going to marry some one else
He called   the second one and she was prepared to come   up to his   grave and not  any further,
And then he heard is first wife tell him, “Wherever you go  , I will   come    with you.”
He looked  at her  who was very weak  and felt bad that  he did not look after her properly.

He cried   and died.

All of us   have these  four wives,
The fourth  one is our body which can never come with us,
The third   was wealth and pleasures, which would go  with some one else   after we die,
The second one   is our family and friends  , who would come   up to our grave,
And the first one   is our soul , which though neglected  by us   would come  along with us.

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