Saturday, May 27, 2017

Difference between love and marriage

Difference between love   and marriage

Written  in English

(Based  on a face book  post of  my face face book friend Meena Rajan –Thanks  Madam.)

One young lad   who   was yet to choose   his life partner,
Approached    a very learned   man and   asked him,
“Dear sir , I know  marriage makes   any  individual complete,
But  I would like to know the difference between love and marriage.”

The learned man sent   him first   to a very great rose garden,
And wanted him to bring him back  the prettiest  rose there,
Entering by front gate   and   coming out by back gate ,
Never   walking  by   the same road   twice.

The  young lad   returned   empty handed   and when asked why ,
Told, “every flower I saw ahead   appeared  more prettier to me  ,
And when I   reached  the end , I felt  I had seen more prettier flowers earlier.”
And so   I could not  bring you back  the most pretty flower.

The learned man then sent the lad to a  field of fully open sun flowers,
And wanted   him to bring a   pretty sun flower    from there ,
Taking care  never to pick two flowers  and not returning by the same path,
And the Lad   came in a jiffy   with   a pretty   sun flower  in hand.

The learned man asked “Was this   the prettiest   sun flower in the field?”
And the lad replied “Definitely no  , I was   very particular  to have  a pretty flower,
And not searching  for the prettiest  flower , unlike  last time ,
When I was  searching  for the prettiest  flower in the field.”

Learned man said, “Your search   for prettiest   flowers   is love,
And your search for one   pretty flower to have   is  marriage  .
IN the   former  situation   you would  never reach satisfaction,

And in the later  , you would be happy   and  satisfied.”

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