Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The wet grave of his wife

The wet grave   of  his wife

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Anantha Narayanan

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One young wife   was about   to breath her last,
And she asked  her dear  husband with love,
“How long would    you wait to marry again after I die?”
And he   without even  thinking replied , “Till your grave   dries”

After her   death the wife was   duely buried  ,
And after  three days   the husband went   to the burial ground,
To see her grave   and he was surprised   to see it wet,
And so he decided   that  he will  wait to marry again.

After a month    after   her death ,   he went again ,
And was surprised   to see  that  wife’s   grave was still wet,
And this continued    for   almost   one year ,
And  when still her grave was wet, he   was greatly scared.

Then he saw that  the brother  of his wife   coming,
With a pot full of water   to   the burial ground ,
And then he   saw him pouring it on grave   of his wife,
And when he enquired  , he was told, “She asked me to pour ,

One pot of water  on her grave   every day.”

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