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Dedicated to all fathers

Dedicated  to  all fathers


(Mostly translated   from the great write up  of my face book friend  sri Anantha  Narayanan. Thanks Sir. I did shed a tear  remembering my father)

It is very easy   to become a  father but it is difficult to be a father,
The courage   and stability  every one gets  is from their   tap root called father,
The  roll model for every one in  almost  everything is  only their  father,
And because of this father  is the greatest   gift every one gets   from God.

He   at any time   would be equal to   thousands   of teachers to their  children,
AS he   is the lamp that  always shows  the way in darkness of the path of  their life.
To bring up their children  the way they want  a father  carries very many crosses,
And the pain   that  he  gets  when those children disregard him is  inestimable.

A father  dedicates  all his life to  his children and always thinks only about their future,
And  because  of this  , though his  love  and affection  is in no way less than that of the mother,
He  keeps  it as a secret  and shows   himself   as some one who is   very strict  ,
And keeps on   shouting  and correcting them though his mind sheds  blood  at that time.

The Plants   called children would   grow up luxuriously   if they get    the light ,
From their  father  who is the Sun  and  water  of affection    from their   mother ,
No doubt  no one can love   their children as  much  as their mother  ,
But  their love makes  them blind to the  wrongs  committed  by  them,
And it is the father   who  stifles  all his love within himself and corrects   their wrongs.

If Our   society   or religion   gets  a good person to nurture   them ,
You can be rest assured  that behind them is a father who puts on the mask of a tormentor,
For    just like an elephant’s strength   is in a trunk  , the future  good citizen’s strength  is in his confidence,
And this  river of confidence  in every person minds    starts   from the mountain like father.

This confidence is   got by every child  when it takes  its first   step  holding hands of  their father,
And they learn   to fall , get up   and bear   the pain  of the wounds    from their   father.

This society can never have   a good man without the healthy   cooperation ,
Of Affection as well as  the strength  of the mother    and the father ,
A mother carries the baby   carrying it  on her hips so that  she can always see  him,
And the  father  on the other hand  carries it on his shoulders  so that  , they would  be greater than him.

A child   till   it becomes   parent   of other   children never  ever realizes ,
The  amount of loan taken by the father  to fulfil  his/her wishes,
The struggles   that  he underwent to repay   back those  loans,
And the number  of sleepless  nights  he spent  wondering how they would fulfil  the desires  of their children

IN the hairless   exterior of   their heads ,
In the  cracks   of their feet , which  gives them pain,
In their hands   where  the blue  and red veins  are clearly seen,
And in the   silver   like moustaches   of our   fathers,
The struggle that  our father  underwent  lives  with great  peace.

He would have hidden hundreds of such   pains so that  their children do not become sad,
He would have worked day and night  producing extra  sweat  to  fulfil  the desires of their children,
He would have daily struggled and  tortured  their  body  to pull the cart  of the famly,
Their hearts would have wept  when before their son wakes  up  he had  go to work   and return  only when they are  deep in sleep again,
He would   have constantly undergone  mental torture  when  He goes to some other country  ,
Leaving their children here  , so that  their children  would not suffer  like him.
Imagine how cruel   his life would  have been when  he sees   you all only in the photo of all of you  pasted   on his cot

A   young man  without asking gets    the gifts 
Of valour  ,, courage . work  without losing hope  , confidence   and struggle to work,
From their good father    even without asking for it?
Even when   his child grows up  and becomes an adult  , a father  sees them as his baby   and  guides him in every  step of his life.
He says, “Do not get scared?””Do not be break down , whatever may happen” because  I am there for you,
These are the daily orders  and commands   from him to them  so that , they  would never suffer.
Even if a father  becomes old , and becomes  not able to walk  , he never   forgets to tell these words. For he knows  that for  his  children his voice  is sufficient.

Fathers  are,
1.The resting places of the burdens of their children,
2, They  are  their  hop step  and jump poles
3. They are  their main axils  ,
4.They are  the suns to them
5.They are  the  direction boards  to their children
6. They   are  their teachers
7.They are  their confidence
8.They   are their  hope
9,They  are the ones who show undiluted affection,
10.They are  the ones who show  interest which is not artificial
11.They show your path with honesty
12.They are your just thought
13.They show  affectionate  hospitality
14. They   are their stable  confidence
15. They  tell you words   that do not   hurt
16.Their advice  is superb
17.Their laugh is not with deceit
18. Their cry   is truthful
17They brought you up with  mind full of joy
18.They   are  the ones   who helped you like a friend

Please , please   shed a drop  of tear  to that Pillar of sacrifice   which lifts  you up  as  long as it lives   and falls down one day when its job is  over.

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