Friday, May 5, 2017

Need for a plain talk

Need   for a plain talk


(Based on the facebook post in Tamil by my friend  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan. Thanks to her)

Be it a family relation or be it a great  friendship,
They would become deep  only if  we  talk plainly ,
If  by chance    we forget    to  do that ,
They would be replaced  by suspicions and assumptions.

It is very easy   to misunderstand   and  see  everything  with suspicion,
And in this foolishness  , relationships, friendships  and happiness  would be sacrificed,
When you   do not understand   please  seek clarification,
And when you  feel the behaviour is odd , ask  openly.

Do not ever assume, if your behaviour to any one appears odd,
Tell them why you behaved   that way  but please ,
Do not assume   that  those   who happened to  hear you,
Would understand , the why and wherefore  of your behaviour.

If your  friend  or even your close relative makes an error ,
Tell them plainly that  it is an error   and possibly   when they explain,
You  perhaps may understand   that   it is   not an error,
Or there  is a good chance   for the  individual   not to do that  error again.

This type of plain talk  is perhaps  the only chance to set things   straight ,
But  , if you keep it in mind , and nurture   the   feeling  that  he has erred,
The  small line of break    would  become   in to a wide  chasm,
And  relationship  may become enmity, To avoid , talk  plainly.

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