Friday, May 26, 2017

Psychology of attachment in a small family.

Psychology  of attachment in a small family.


(My face book friend  Hamsabai SAnthana Krishnan wrote of a similar game where  only the wife plays it. I have   expanded    it as a  game for the four adult members of the family. You may not agree with my conclusions   and if so please tell the verse number   and   your conclusion of this four member game.)

1.One family counsellor     was trying to teach ,
A group of  middle age   students about ,
Whom in the world    they considered  as  most important,
And summoned a  man, his wife  , his father   and  his mother,

2.He had   arranged   for four different   black boards ,
So that   each of them   did not know    what others are  doing.
And then he    told each of them    to write  on the black board,
Names of thirty  people   whom they considered as important personally for them.

3.The four of them without    spending much time   wrote  ,
Thirty names   of people and  the man apart from his family wrote  his collegues,
The wife wrote apart from  his and her family  names    of her  own neighbours,
The father and mother  wrote mainly names of their near  relations , on both sides.

4. Counsellor asked each of them to remove    five names from the board,
And without any hesitation  they all did     it  in a jiffy.
And this process  went on some more    times
And  in each board    names    of  only  five    people were left.

5.The counsellor told each of them to remove one more name,
The man removed   the   name   of his mother   from the  board,
The wife removed     the name   of her father in law,
The mother   and father     removed names of their grand son.

(why asked   the counsellor?
Man said because my wife and ma quarrel  with each other,
Wife said because his mother can look after   the kid but not pa,
Mother and father told  , we need son and daughter  to look after us)

6.The counsellor   asked them to remove   one more name,
The man  removed name of his father  and she removed the name of his mother,
The father removed  his wife’s name  ,
And the mother removed   her husbands  name.

(why asked   the counsellor  ?
Man  and wife  told , we three  wanted to live together,
Father said , even if she is not there , the others would look after me,
Mother said , even if he is not there , the others would look after me.)

7.Again the counsellor asked them to remove one more name,
Weeping  and crying the man  removed his wife’s name,
Weeping and crying   the wife removed  her son’s name,
And the father and mother   removed the name of daughter in law.

(The counsellor asked the man , why?  
And the man  replied , I can get another wife,
The wife replied  that  she can possibly get a son but never   a  husband,
And the parents replied that  their   daughter in law  ,
May not look after   them, if their son is not there.)

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