Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The whatsapp syndrome

The whatsapp  syndrome


(Based on a write up in Kumudam, Tamil; Magazine by Pamaran . Thanks to him. )

Perhaps  The app asking what ? came  from,
The normal enquiry  about  what  happened,
But I want to know  How I can get ,
 Freedom from this  great pleasant  prison.

Morning to next    day morning   you would get  ,
Seventeen thousand    messages  ,
Most of them  are hundred  times,
Repeated every day and I feel dizzy to read  them again and again.

Subjects  like,  fifty   different ways  to get twins,
How  all family   members  can  commit suicide together,
How to eat   breakfast   that you like without wife knowing,
And how to find out a cheating husband     are  daily dealt here.

It Also teaches you that  if a lady beats with love, she is your lover,
And if  the lady beats  till her  desire   is exhausted , she is your wife.
And discussions are   held whether  it would  be better  to cover you,
After death with coconut leaf, palmyrah leaf   or  Banana leaf of banyan leaf.

It  daily   makes you hear  hopeless   songs   of the bygone era ,
It  makes  you morose  by repeating so called  jokes million times,
It tells you  that  so and so prayer  addressed  to so and so God,
Is better  than rest  especially if you share it with ten people  in twenty seconds.

It shows   you hundreds of videos  , which even by mistake  do not open,
Because   instead  of entertainment , they would make  your life  not worth living,
They will   ask  you to prove   that   you   are a genius  , BY daily,
Asking   silly questions,  which even a   first grader  would answer in a jiffy.

If you get  stiff bored   by proceedings   of a   silly group,
Hundreds of arrows would be shot at you   asking  you,
To please   explain why    you have taken the  decision,
And that it    is greatly   unfortunate   to leave  the group.

Even If you   forget  to  wash your  teeth   early in the morning ,
You  should  not forget  to  sit   with great   concentration,
Twice a day and discard   all messages  that had   received.
So that    your soft phone    has sufficient memory to  work

Humble request to Whatsappers  , please   allow   to live.

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