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Koodaa Ozhukkam-28th Chapter of Thirukural (Conduct that has to be avoided.)

Koodaa Ozhukkam-28th  Chapter of Thirukural
(Conduct  that   has to be avoided.)

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   (Thiruvalluvar  wants the conduct of sages should be above board   and not evil. These  ten  verses clearly bring out the fact that  there  were many sages  even then who  were acting as if they are sages.)

1.Vancha manathaan  padiththozhukkam   poothangal,
Iynthum   agathe   nakum.
1.Seeing the lying conduct  of an evil minded  person ,
The Five elements   in his body  would laugh  within  themselves.

2.Vanuyar thothatham   yevan cheyyum   thannenjam,
Thaan  ari kutha  padin.

2.If a person does  acts  which  are  considered by his  own mind as evil,
There is   no use  of his having a sage like   form touching the sky.

3.Vali yil   nilaimayaan  valluruvam   peththa,
Puliyin  thol porthu  meithaththu.

3.He who does not have   strength  to control his mind,   in spite ,
Of having a huge sagely form , is like a cow grazing , covering itself   by a tiger’s  hide.

4.THavam marainthu  allavai   cheithal  puthal marainthu ,
Vettuvan   pul  chimizhthu  aththu.

4.Doing   acts   which are not proper  to a sage ,   after  assuming a   sagely form,
Is  equal to a hunter  who hides  in a bush and catches   the birds.

5.Paththaththom yenbar  padithozhukkam   yeththendru,
Yetham  palavum   tharum.

5.Those who say  that they  have cut off all   their attachments  ,
And engage themselves  in evil acts , would be forced to ask,
“What mistakes  have  I done?, when they are  attacked by sorrows  later.

6.Nenjil thuravaar thuranthaarpoal  vanchithu.
Vaazhvaarin van kanaar yil.

6.There  are no  people of greater evil than  those,
 Who have not  got detached of desires  but  act like  that.

7.Puram kundri  kandu   Anaya renum   akam kundri,
Mookil  kariyaar   udaithu.

7.Though they  appear  outside  red like seed  of Kundri mani(Arbus  precatorius/Gunj)
The mind  of most of them  is of the colour black  like the tip of that seed.

8.Manathathu  masaka  maandaarneer  aadi,
Marainthozhukum  manthar   palar.

8.There  are very large number of people   who have  a dirty mind,
But  who act as if they are great  sages.

9.Kanai kodithu   yaazhkodu chevvithanganna ,
Vinai padu   paalal kolal.

9.Though arrow is  straight  it is cruel , though  Yaazh(A musical instrument)  is bent,
It gives out sweet music and so people should be judged by their acts.

10.Mazhithalum  neettalum  vendaa , ulagam,

Pazhithathu   ozhithu   vidin.

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