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Eekai-23rd chapter of Thirukkural (giving in charity)

Eekai-23rd chapter of Thirukkural
(giving in charity)

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(In this chapter  Thiruvalluvar emphasizes   the need to  give charity to one who does  not  have  anything.)\

1.Variyarkku  ondru eevathe  eekai  , mathellam ,
Kuri yethir[ppai   neera  thudaithu.

1.Giving to people   who are poor is charity  and ,
All others are giving  aiming  to get benefit.

2.Nallaaru yeninum  kolaltheethu  mel ulagam,
Yilleninum  eethale  nandru.

2.Our taking  wealth of others  for  doing  a good deed also is bad,
And even if salvation cannot be  assured  , charity is better.

3,Yilanendrum  yevvam  urayamai  eethal,
Kulanudayan  kanne   ula.

3.Only people  of  good heritage   give charity,
Even before  he comes and says , “I  do not have anything”.

4.Yinnathu   irakka  paduthal  iranthavar  ,
Yinmukham   kanum alavu.

4.We would be sad  till  the person   gets  charity ,
From us   and becomes  happy because  of it,

5.AAthuvaar  aathal  pasi aathal  , appasiyai,
Mathuvaar  aathalin pin.

5.Those  who do  penance hve the strength  to tolerate their  hunger ,
But that strength is less  than the strength of those   who wipe away hunger by charity.

6.Athaar  azhipasi   therthal   akthu   oruvan  ,
Pethan   porulvai pazhi.

6.The rich  should   satiate  the cruel hunger  of the poor,
And that  is like a provident   fund  to help him in future.

7.Paathoon  mareeyi  yavanai   pasi yennum,
Theepini   theendal arithu.

7.The  fire like  disease  of hunger   would  not come near,
Those   who have the habit  of sharing with others  and eating.

8.Yeethuvakkum  inbam  ariyaarkol    thaamudami  ,
Vaithizhakkum  van kanavar.

8.Those  cruel people   who save wealth  without  giving to others  ,
Perhaps   do not know  about  the happiness of giving to others.

9.Yirathalin  yinnathu  mandra  nirappiya  ,
Thame  thamiyar unal.

9.Those who earn wealth  by taking food without sharing  ,
Gives  much more  pain than begging  to take food.

10.Chathalin  innatha Thillai   inithathoom  ,
Eethal iyaya  kadai.

10.Though there  is  no suffering  greater than death ,
But death when  we are not  able to give charity  to the poor   is sweeter.

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