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Naduvu nilamai-Twelfth chapter of Thirukural.

Naduvu nilamai-Twelfth  chapter   of Thirukural.
(Balanced  unbiased  nature)

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( After   emphasizing  the need to have gratitude  . Thiruvalluvar   emphasizes   the need   for an unbiased   nature

1.Thakuthi   yena ondru   nandre  , pakuthiyal  ,
Par pattu   ozhuga perin.

1.Being unbiased   is indeed good , if  it is done,
Without  differentiating   among  people.

2,Cheppam udayavan  aakkam chithaivindri  ,
Yechathirkku   yemappu  udaithu ,

2.The wealth of a person without bias, would not get split,
 And would reach  his progeny  and give them strength.

3.Nandre tharinum naduvikantham  aakkathai,
Andre  ozhiya  vidal.

3.Even if wealth   earned  by showing bias  does not,
Cause any bad effects, it should  be u immediately destroyed.

4.THakkar. thakavilar   yenpathu  avaravar,
Yechathal kana pedum.

4.Biased or unbiased  nature  , would  be judged,.
By the fame or  blame which is left by them.

5.Kedum perukkamum yillalla nenjathu,
Kodamai  chandrorkku ani.

5.No one can have life  without growth and destruction,
The ornament of wise people is to remain unbiased  in both cases.

6.Keduvalyan  yenpathu  arika  than nenjam,
Nadu ore alla cheyin.

6.Know that  you would  get  destroyed , if ,
Your mind   does not remain unbiased.

7.Keduvaka vayyathu   ulagam  , naduvaka ,
Nandrikkan   thangiyan thaazhvu.

7.The world  would not find fault  when you get in to problems,
If you remain in the  path of justice and  be unbiased.

8.Saman cheithu  cheer thookum   kol pol   amainthorupal,
Kodamai   chandrorkku   ani

8.Being  like a common balance  with  equal  level of pans ,
Weighing things equally  , not leaning   to one side, is an ornament for great people .

9.Chorkottam illathu   cheppam   oru thalayaa,
Utkottam   inmai   perin.

9.Being without bias  in our words and  remaining,
Firm  in our attitude  is the proper behavior.

10.Vanikam cheivarkku  , Vanikam peni ,
Piravum   thamapol cheyin.

10. If a merchant takes   care  of the  things of Others ,
Like his  own things  in trade, then he is doing good  business.

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