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25.Aruludamai-25th chapter of Thirukkural (Being compassionate)

Thuravaram(ascetism) –second  section   of First book of  Thirukural
(Dharma  of Ascetics)

25.Aruludamai-25th chapter   of Thirukkural
(Being compassionate)

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    (It is very interesting to note that  the great poet believes that Compassion   is the first necessary   character of all ascetics. He feels that  compassion is the only support  of their life as they need not bother to   go to the dark world of sorrows )

1.Arutchelvam   , chelvathul chelvam  , porut chelvam,
Pooriyaar kanum ula

1.Compassion  is the  greatest wealth among wealth,
And the  wealth of plenty is seen  even among ordinary people.

2.Nallatthal  nadi   arulalga pallaththal  ,
THerinum akthe  thunai.

2,Using a good path , observe  quality of compassion,
For in spite of geat research, that is the only support to our k life.

3.Arul chertha nenjinarkillai , irul cherntha,
Inna   ulagam pugal.

3.To those with a compassionate heart , there is  no need,
To enter the dark world  of   great sorrow,

4,Mannuyir ombi arul aalvaarkku  illenba ,
Thannyir   anjum vinai.

4.To those who protect   others  due to compassion ,
There us nothing  in this world  which is scary.

5.Allal  arul aalvaarkku   illai  vali  vazhangum,
Mallal maa  jnaalam kari.

5.Those who are compassionate  never suffer sorrow,
This can be known by observing people who live in this earth where the wind blows.

6.POrul neeki pochaandhaar. Yenbar arul neeki,
Allavai cheithozhuguvar.

6.Those who do cruel deeds   without any compassion,
Would not attain  the wealth(Dharma)   that they aim at.

7,Arul illarku  avvulakam  illai, porul illarkku ,
Yivvulagam   illakiyangu.

7.Just like  those having  no wealth cannot  enjoy life in earth,
Those who do not have  compassion cannot   enjoy life in heaven.

8.POrulatthaar pooppar  orukal   arulaththar  ,
Aththaar maththathal arithu.

8.Perhaps a man without wealth can become wealthy,
But those   without compassion  can never get out of downfall.

9.Therulaathaan  meiporul  kandaththal  therin,
Arulaathaan   cheyyum aram.

9.One without compassion  cannot find the  ultimate truth by learning,
And similarly  he cannot get good Karma  by doing good acts.

10.Valiyaar mun thannai  ninaikathaan  thannin ,
Meliyar  mel chillum idathu.

10.When the personwithout compassion  causes  trouble to weaker persons,
He should also think about possibility  of strong ones troubling him.

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