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Piranil vizhayamai -15th chapter of Kural -Not desiring the wife of some one else

Piranil vizhayamai
(Not  desiring  the wife of  some one else)

     (Valluvar continues with chapters  of desirable  personal qualities  of householders  .He concludes  that , the quality of    not desiring the wife  of some one else  is much better  than all Dharmic  principles.)

1.Piran  porulal pettozhugum pedamai  jnalathu,
Aram porul kandar kan yil.

1,The  ignorance of   getting attracted by  wife,
Of others is not there  among  those,
Who have    seen Dharma   and wealth.

2.Aran kadai  nindarul  yellam   piran kadai  ,
Nindrail  pedayaar   yil.

2.The followers of Dharma   who stand  at the  gate of some one else ,
Wanting his wife ,  are the greatest fools.

3.Vilitharin  verallar  , manra  thelintharil ,
Theemai  purinthozhguvar.

3.Those who desire   the wife of those who believe ,
In them  are no different from the  dead ones.

4.Yenaithunayuar   aayinum   yenaam thinaithunayum,
Theraan piran yil pugal.

4.Those  who   desire  the wife of others, without thinking,
In spite of their greatness  would be considered  as debased.

5.Yelithena  illirappan   yeithum  yenjjandrum,
Viliyathu  nirkkum pazhi.

5.He who  misbehaves  with wives of I others ,
Thinking  it as very easy , would have  bad name  for ever.

6.Pakai, paavam, acham   pazhiyena  nankum,
Ikalavaam   yillirappan kan.

6. The four qualities Enmity , sin  , fear   and  bad name 
Would never   go away from one   who desires  some  one else’s wife.

7,Araniyalan yil vaazhvaan  yenpan piraniyalal,
Penmai  nayava thalan.

7.He who lives  a married life of Dharma is  the one,
Who does not desire   the wife of others.

8.Piran manai  nokkatha  peraanmai  , chandrorkku,
Aran ondro   aandra  ozhukku.

8.To the  great  people , the  great masculinity  of not  looking at ,
The wife of others  is not only dharma  but also   great  good conduct.

9.Nalakkuriar   yaarenin  namaneer vaippin,
Pirakkurial   thol thoyathaar.

9.In this great world those who deserve  good things ,
Are those  who do not touch the  shoulders of wife of others.

10.Aranvarayaan alla cheyinum  piran varayaal,
Penmai  nayavamai nandru.

10.Even though a  person   does not live as  per dharma,
It is better for him  not to desire wife of others.

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