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Thuravu-35th Chapter of Thirukural- (Leaving out attachments.)

Thuravu-35th Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Leaving out  attachments.)

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      (The hall mark of an ascetic   is to detach himself from this world.Thiruvalluvar says   that detaching from any object removes sorrow due to the object. He emphasizes that an ascetic should not have   anything called  me and mine.)

1.Yaathanin  yaathanin  neengiyaan , nothal,
Athanin, athanin  ilan.

1,The person who detaches himself from a particular object ,
Will not become    sad  because of that thing.

2.VeNdin uNdaka  thurakka, thuranthapin ,
Yeendiyar paala pala.

2.If a person wants sorrow less life , then he  should,
Detach himself at a young age  itself,
And due to that  he would attain several joys.

3.Atal vendum  iynthan  pulathai  vidal  vendum,
Vendiya yellaam orunku.

3. Those who look for permanent   pleasures , should  control,
Desire coming out of  those  five sense organs and also,
Completely  leave out all pleasures coming  out of those five organs.

4.Iyalpakum nonpirkondtu   inmai  udaimai.
Mayalaakum  mathum   peyarthu.

4.Nothing should be present   which will attract  an ascetic  ,
For those things would be the  cause to create  desire in him.

5. Maththum  thodarpaadu   yevankol pirapparukkal,
Uththarkku   udambum migai.

5.To the ascetic  aiming at cutting off birth, What is the Need,
For a body and so why  keep desire   on all other  things.

6.yaan, yenathu   yennum cherukku  aruppan  , vaanorkku,
Uyarntha ulakum   pukum.

6.He who cuts of pride  of me  as well as  mine  , would ,
Enter  a world where  even Devas   would enter.

7.Paththi  vita idumbaikal  paththinai,
Pathi   vidaa thavarkku.

7.Till  these  two attachments (me and mine)  are  deeply attached   to the mind,
Sorrows   also would   get   attached  to that person.

8.Thalaipattar   , theera thurnathaar mayanki,
Valai  pattaar   mathayavar.

8.Those who are completely  detached from desires,
Are those  who go to land of salvation  and others,
Are those   caught  on the  web of   desires.

9.Pathathaththa kanne  pirapparukkum   maththu,
Nilayamai  kana pedum.

9.As soon as one   gets  detached , future births  would not be there  for him,
And among others birth-death cycle  would  exist.

10.Paththu paththaththaan  pathinai  appaththai  ,
Paththuka   pathu  vidarku.

10.Get only attached  to God   who is detached and,

This will help a person to get detached from things.

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