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kaLLammai-29th chapter of Thirukkural (Not stealing property of others.)

kaLLammai-29th chapter of Thirukkural
(Not  stealing  property of others.)

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(THiruvalluvar in this chapter emphasizes that  an Ascetic should not  steal   the property of others. He has emphasized    the same thing as an important quality  of the householder in Chapter 18 Vekkamai. While there  he emphasizes that  stealing is a crime here he tells  , even the thought  of stealing  is a great crime.)

1.YeLLamai  venduvaan yenban yenaithondrum,
KaLLamai  kaakka  than nenju.

1.He   who does not  want others   to abuse him ,
Should  protect his mind so that  he does not  steal property of others.

2.ULLathaal uLLalum  theethe , piran porulai,
KaLLathal kaLvem yenal.

2.It is bad to think of evil acts by the mind,
And so thinking  to steal others property by mind  is also bad.

3.KaLvinaal  aakiya aakkam   alaviRanthu ,
AAvathu  poala   kedum.

3.The income from stealing would appear great,
But in the end it would destroy our wealth  and then get destroyed.

4.KaLavin kan  kandriya   kaathal   viLaivin kan,
Veeyaa vizhumam   tharum.

4.The desire  to steal property of others would give rise ,
To   never diminishing great sorrow , when we  try to implement that desire.

5,Arul karuthi  anbudayar  aathal  porul karuthi  ,
Pochappu paarappar kan yil.

5.The  love  others due to compassion   would not  arise ,
In those  who are waiting the chance  of stealing from others.

6.ALavin kan   ninrozhukal  aaththaar  kaLavinkan,
Kanriya  kaadha lavar
6.Those  who have great desire  to steal   property of others,
Would not be able    to live  obeying  rules of justice.

7.KaLvenum  karaRi vaaNmai   alavennum,
AAththal purinthaar  ka

7.Those  strong people  who live in justice , would not,
Have  the strength  arising out of  ignorance of  stealing.

8.ALavarinthaar nenjathu   aRam poala   nirkkum,
Ka:avarinthaar  nenjil  karavu

8.In the mind of those who live according to justice , Dharma  would  stay,
And in those   who knows how to steal  treason  will always stay.

9.Alavalla   ceithange  veevar kalavalla  ,
Maththaya   thethaathavar .

9.Those   who  do not  know  good acts  but know  only stealing,
Would do unjust acts   and would get destroyed  immediately.

10.Kalvaarkku   thallum   uyirnilai  kallaarkku  ,
Thallathu  puthel  ulaku.

10.This  world where we live  would push away those who steal,

But te heaven will welcome those  who do  not engage  themselves in stealing.

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