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Pugazh=24th chapter of Thirukkural (Fame)

Pugazh=24th chapter of Thirukkural

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(THiruvalluvar wants to get  fame by taking   recourse  to charity to  the have-nots. He is of the opinion that  life  without getting fame   is a wasted exercise .This is the last chapter  about the householder’s  desirable duties.)

1.Eethal isai pada vaazhthal   athuvallathu  ,
Oothiyam illai  uyirkku  .

1,By giving the havenots  we have to live   with fame,
But for that  there  is no use (salary)   of this life.

2.Uraippar  uraippavai  yellam  irapparkondru  ,
EEvaar mel  nirkkum pugazh.

2,All  the great talk  of orators is about  the fame,
That stands out   of those who give charity   to those   who ask for it  ,

3.Ondraa  ulagathu   uyarntha  pugazhallaal,
Pondraathu   nirpothen nil.

3.The greatest thing  which never gets  destroyed  in  this unstable   world,
Is fame  as the other   things are  not  permanent.

4.Nilavarai   neel pugazh   aathin  pulavarai  ,
Pothathu   puthel  ulagu.

4. If one gets  great fame  in this world , he would be,
Praised in heaven rather  than  the Devas  there.

5,Natham poal  kedum   ulathakum  chakkadum,
Vithakar  kallal   arithu.

5.A life of fame while living  and the fame  ,
That remains even after  death  can be got only by learned  people.

6.Thondrin pugazhodu thondruga, akthilaar  ,
THondarlin thondaramai   nandru.

6.Be born in this world   for getting fame .
Otherwise  it is better for them not to be born.

7.Pugazhpada vaazhaathaar   thamnovaar , thammai,
Yigazhvaarai  nova   thevan.

7.What is the point  in those  without fame,
Blaming others for they have to blame themselves.

8.Vasayenba vaiyathaar  kellaam   isai yennum,
Yecham peraa vidin.

8.If a person does not leave  his fame   after  his death,
Then that body  gets bad name in this world.

9.Vasayilaa vanpayan   kundrum   isayilaa,
Yaakkai   porutha  nilam.

9.The land that carries a body without fame ,
Would become  a land not supporting  a stainless  crop.

10,vasai ozhiya vaazhvaare vaazhvaar, isai ozhiya,
Vaazhavarae  vaazhathavar.

10.Those who live  without  getting  belittled by others ,

Are fit to live  in this world and those who live without fame are not fit to live.

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