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Mei unarthal-36th Chapter of Thirukural- (Understanding the truth)

Mei unarthal-36th Chapter of Thirukural-
(Understanding the truth)

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(The main activity of   an ascetic   is to find and realize the   ultimate     truth. In this chapter Thiruvalluvar   puts great  emphasis on this .He says that  unless   we realize   the ultimate truth , we would not be  able   to avoid  future  births.

1.Porulalla  avaththai  porulendru  unarum,
Marulaanaam  maaNaa  pirappu

1.We believe   that untruth  is truth, and due to,
This  misconception   we would have  a sorrowful life.

2.Irul neengi  inbam payakkum  marul neengi,
Masaru   katchi yavarkku.

2.Those  who come out of this misconception and know the real  truth ,
That knowledge   would remove the darkness of ignorance and give them pleasant life.

3.Iyathin  neengi thelinthaarkku   vaiyathin,
Vaanam   naniyathu taithu.

3,To  those   who come out of their doubt  and know   the real truth,
The heavens   would  be nearer  to them than this earth.

4.Iyunarvu   yeithiya kannum  bayamindre,
Meyyunaruvu  illathavarkku.

4.Those   who do not have  wisdom to know  the real truth,
Have know use   for knowledge  out of the senses.

5.Yepporul yethanmai  thayinum  apporul ,
Meipporul  kanpathu arivu.

5.Whatever  may the nature   of any particular  thing,
To know  its  real truth   is the real wisdom.

6.Katheendu  meiporul kandaar  thalai paduvar  ,
Matheendu  vaaraa  neri.

6.Those  who after learning  , realize the real truth,
Would  reach the great way  of avoiding future  births.

7.Orthullam   ullathu  unarin   oruthalayap,
Perthulla  vendaa pirappu  .

7.If a person’s mind thinks and realizes  the real truth,
Then definitely we need not think that he will have  another birth.

8.Pirappenum  pethaimai  neenga  chirappenum,
CHemporul  kaanpathu   arivu.

8.For  removing  ignorance   which is cause  of future births,
And wisdom consists   in realizing the God   through  truth.

9.CHarpunarnthu  charpu keda ozhukin  mathazhithu,
Charthara chartharu  noi.

9.Knowing  the real truth  , a person should behave   without  attachments,
And if he does that  the sickness  .

10.Kamam, vekuli , mayakkam   ivai moondrin,
Namam keda kedum noi.

10 When  we get rid  of attachment, hatred  and  confusion,

Then   sorrows   would not come near us.

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