Friday, September 4, 2015

Application to Lord Krishna for the post of Thatha

Application    to Lord  Krishna  for the post  of Thatha

P.R.Ramachander  aka  Raja Thatha

Oh  my little  Krishna Oh my little  treasure,
The Devaki in prison  loved you like a mother ,
Vasudeva  who took  you out of the prison loved you like a father,
Yasoda   who did  not give  birth to you  fed and cuddled you  like her  own Baby,
Nandagopa   the lord of cowherds  managed   you like  his son,
The evil ones  sent by Kamsa  were scared of you  as a  baby enemy,
Some Gopis  of Brindavan  wanted  to catch you  while  you are stealing,
Your elder brother Rama   and mischievous Gopas  looked at you for  guidance ,
Kaliya  on whose   head  , you danced  started shivering to see  you ,
The pretty Gopi  lasses   wanted  to make you their lover,
Radha  had long back decided   that you were  her own,
Akroora   and Narada   respected   you as their God ,
Kamsa  breathed  his last   as he saw you as his foe,
The people of Mathura  always   wanted you as  their king,
Sandheepini the saint  loved you  like  his student ,
The  princess  Rugmani   saw   you  as her sweet lover,
To thousands  of your wives, you were a  great lover,
To your little sister  Subadhra    you were  an elder brother,
To your class mate  Kuchela  you  were  the  closest friend,
To your Pandava   cousins   you were  a loving brother,
To  their mother  Kunthi Devi  you were her nephew,
To Daraupadi   you were  always   her saviour ,
To Duryodhana  and Shakuni you   were  their dreaded enemy ,
To Arjuna   you were a friend  and chariot driver,
To the great Bheeshma  , Vidhura and others you were Lord Vishnu,
To your devotee  Surdas   you were a mischievous kid ,
To the great  Chaithanya    you were  the lad whom he loved ecstasically,
To  poet Jayadeva   you were   the lover   of   Radha ,
To  Vallabhacharya   you were  some one  he wanted to serve ,
To Princess Meera   you were  her lover   whom she wanted to marry ,
To  The graceful Aandal   you were   her   darling  Ranganatha ,
To  sage Madhva   you were   the young mischievous cow herd boy,
To Poonthanam and Meppathur  you  were  their  doctor  Guruvayurappan who cured  them,
To the Bilvamangalam samiyar   you were  the mischievous kid  who guided him,
But  to none that I know  you   are  the grandson  to any  Thatha,
I am not forgetting  old king Ugrasena who never any time with you,
So Little grandson  , this  Raja  Thatha is   applying  for the post of your grandpa,
Old though I am , I too can churn the curd   and give you  fresh butter,
I would  memerise  you like any Thatha   with stories great and make you sleep,
I can take   you   for a   walk   around my town to nearby parks,
Though I am little deaf , I am sure I would enjoy  your music great ,
I would never  chide   or beat   you   for any mischievous deed,
Oh little one , can’t  you consider me  for  the post of Thatha ,
As you need never   have   to spend  on me for anything ,
And by the time your lover lasses grow  up , this Thatha  would  retire from that post..


Rengasamy Ramaswami said...

"Thatha's Application" is heartwarming.For that mischievous Child, list of Thathas will be endless.

Joyful Slokas said...

Very nice!