Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Happy birthday poem ,

A Happy  birthday  poem ,

Raja Thatha


 I am sure  all  but  the  young ones would agree  with me  that  , A man really needs  wife as a companion only when he   really  becomes  old. Without her   by his side , he becomes  miserable.Here is an ode   to my old wife:-

 Wife mine , you came to my home ,
As a pretty  , lovely  lady  companion to me,
Those   were  the days  when I thought ,
That   you were  brought    there to act as my slave,
To fulfill  all the   wishes  that I had in my mind.

Slowly times changed , you became a  lovely mother ,
And I found  that  your attention to me was  halved,
And I too was  very busy those days  in the rat race ,
To earn more and more  important positions  and more  and more wealth,

You  were  sweet Mummy to my kids , capable nurse to my parents,
Great manager  of all  my affairs  including wealth ,
A wonderful  cook , whom I could not miss  even for a day,
And teacher    and  trainer   to  my kids  when they grew up,
But  I was  just another   scientist   and nothing else .

Parents  mine and that  of yours bid farewell when their time came,
And the kids   in our home developed   wings and flew   away,
Leaving both of us   in the  lonely   hellish  nest   that we are in today,
And my office decided  that  this oldie  is of no use  and should retire.

The  happy busy lovely home  which was  filled  with laughter  and smiles.
Was  turned  in to a  grave  of   simple   silence.
Whenever   the little babies of children   came to visit us,
Our  faces   were  filled   with smile and joy  ,
But they  too  returned back to their homes,
Leaving the eerie  , tasteless and suffering silence of loneliness.

My  golden Chellam , you  are  my only   companion now ,
And I feel like   singing . “Jaya reme , Manorame , mama dehi Karavalambam*”.
And even without that  singing , you knew  that without you,
I  was not even a big zero  but a   tiny , tiny   nothing,
But you did not mind  for   you are   to me now,
Friend , nurse , guide  , manager  and a  psychotherapist,
And you do not mind   all these  jobs  ,
For  you want  to be my everything  till both of us part.
A Very happy birthday darling  and let  more such birthdays  come,
For without you as a    companion  , I  do not want to live.

            *”Oh Jaya Lakshmi  , Oh stealer  of minds , give me  the support  of your hands.”

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