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Vekulaamai-31st chapter of Thirukural- (Not getting angry

Vekulaamai-31st chapter of Thirukural-
(Not getting angry)

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    (Thiruvalluvar attaches great importance   to this aspect of a person’s conduct .Naturally   he would   give more emphasis   in case of an ascetic..He feels only evil comes out of anger)

1.Chellidathu kaapaan chinam kaapaan  , allidathu  ,
Kaakin yen , kavakkal  yen?

1.The one who controls  anger  where  it is effective ,
Is the one who controls  anger, If not   what   does ,
It Matter  if he  controls  or not controls.

2.Chella idathu  chinam theethu , chellidathum ,
Yil  athanin   theeya  pira.

2.Getting angry in places  where  it is not effective,
Would cause  harm to ourselves and there  is nothing ,
Which is   greater evil in getting angry where  it is effective.

3.Marathal   vekuliyai yaar mattum , theeya  ,
Pirathal   athanaal  varum.

3.You should forget  getting angry   against every body,
For   all  evil things are only  generated  by one’s anger.

4,Nakayum   uvakayum   kollum chinathin  ,
Pakayum   ulavo pira.

4.Are there  more  greater  enemies than anger ,
Which kills  pleasant feeling  and joy  in the heart.

5.Thannai thaan kaakin   chinam kaaka , kavakkal  ,
Thannaye  kollum chinam

5.If you want to protect yourselves , control anger,
For if not controlled, it would destroy you , yourself.

6.Chinamennum chernthaarai  kolli , inamennum,
Yema  punayai  chudum.

6.Anger which destroys those   who adopt it , would also,
Would  destroy  the good people   who support  and save them.

7.Chinathai  porul  yendru kondavan kedu  ,
Nilatharainthaan   kai pizhayaathatthu.

7.He  who uses   anger as a weapon  would be destroyed,
As sure as the  suffering of  the fist  when it hits the earth forcefully.

8.iNar  teyi  thoyvanna   inna cheyinum,
Punarin   vekulamai nandru.

8.Even if one makes us suffer by pushing us in raging fire ,
It would be better  if we do not get angry at them.

9.ULLIyathellam   udaneithum  uLLathaal,
ULLaan  vekuLi yenin.

9.Suppose  one completely  banishes anger from his mind,
Then all that   he desires  would  come  to him immediately.

10.Iranthaar  iranathaar  anayar chinathaith,
Thuranthaar  thuranthaar  thunai.

!0 ,Those  who get  in to extreme anger   are like dead people  ,

And those   who forsake it completely   are  equal to ascetics.

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