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Theevinaiyacham-21st chapter of Thirukkural. (Desisting from doing evil acts.)

Theevinaiyacham-21st  chapter  of Thirukkural.
(Desisting  from doing evil  acts.)

    (ofcourse  doing any thing  evil is bad  .Thiruvalluvar emphasizes   about this in this chapter .He first tells that  evil people would not be scared   to do evil acts  and later concludes that   since evil is worse than fire  , people would be more scared  of evil than fire).

1.Theevinayar  anjar , Vizhumiyar anjuvar ,
THeevinal enum cherukku

1.Evil  people   are not afraid to do evil  acts,
But good people    would be scared to do it.

2.Theeyavai theeya payathalaal , theeyavai ,
Theeyinmum anjapadum.

2.Since evil  acts  result  in evil,
People of scared  of them  even more than fire.

3.Arivinul   yellam   thalayenpa   theeya,
Cheruvaarkkum  cheyyaa vidal.

3,. The greatest  acts  of wisdom  is avoiding,
Doing evil things   to those  who do evil to you.

4.Maranthum  piran kedu   choozharkka   choozhin,
Aram choozhum   choozhnthavan kedu .

4. Do  not think of  doing evil , even when you are   ,
Not in control of yourselves  for if you think ,
The  God of Dharma   would think of doing evil to you.

5.Ilam yendru  theeyavai   cheyyarka , cheyyin,
Ilanaakum  mathum  peyrnthu.

5.Even he  who is not prosperous   should not do evil,
For If he does  , he would further  become more poor.

6.Theepala  thaan pirar kan cheyyarkka   , noyppala  ,
THannai   atal  vendaathaan.

6. Do not do evil acts  against others , if you  ,
Do not wont   sorrow    to come and make you suffer.

7.Yenaipagai uttharum   uyvar  , vinaipakal,
Veeyathu  pin chendru adum.

7. A person  can escape   from any time  of enmity ,
But not from enmity of evil acts   which would  always follow  him.

8.Theeyavai cheithar   keduthal  nizhal thannai,
Veeyaathu   adi uraindathu.

8.Just like a shadow   follows   a person  and is under him,
Those  who   do evil  will surely  attain bad state.

9.Thannai thaan  kadalan  aayin   yenaithondrum  ,
Thunnarkka  theevinai ppal.

9.If someone  loves  himself  . he should  not ,
Get engaged  in doing  any evil act.

10.Arumkedan yenpathu  ariika marunga oadi,
Theevinai  cheyyan    yenin.

10.If  does not do evil   by following the wrong path,
Know that   he  will  never ever suffer  sorrow.

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