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Oppuraavarithal-22nd chapter of Thirukkural (doing philanthropic work )

Oppuraavarithal-22nd chapter  of Thirukkural
(doing  philanthropic work  )

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(Oppuravu also  would mean , universal behavior, traditional behavior etc. But in this chapter  THiruvalluvar emphasises   the need to do any act  without any expectation .  He says  that   all our acts should be g for  the good of all people without expecting any compensation.)

1.Kaimaru venda  kadappdu maareemattu,
Yen aathunk  kollo  ulagu.

1 Similar to the world not being able  to compensate  rain,
The help   done by great ones is expecting  no compensation.

2.Thalathi  thantha  porulalellam   thakkarkku,
Velanmai   cheithar  poruttu.

2.All the wealth  that is  earned  and saved by  putting great effort ,
Is meant   to do help to suitable  people.

3,Puthel  ulagathum   yeendum  peralarithe,
Oppuravin nalla pira.

3.Either in heaven or earth, it is very difficult to get ,
To find a  great act of   doing  good to others   and living 

4.Othatharivaan   uyir vaazhvaan  , mathayaan,
Chetharul vaikka  padum.

4.Only helping    each other and living is life,
And  even if others who do not do it live , it is equal  to death.

5.Ooruni  neer  nirainthathe   ulakavaam,
Perarivaalan thiru

5.The wealth of  a greatly  a worldly  wise man,
Is like a  completely  filled up public well.

6. Payan maram   ulloor  pazhuthatthal   chelvam,
Nayanudai   yaan kan patin.

6.If a tree   for public use   is in the centre  of the village ,
And is full of  ripe fruits , is  like   the people  who live helping each other.

7.Marunthaki  thappaa marathatthaal  , chelvam,
Peum thagai   yaan kan padin.

7.If wealth is there  with  man  with great qualities,
It is like having tree  , all whose  parts   are  medicine.

8.Idanil paruvathum   oppuravirkku   olkaar  ,
Katanari  kakshi yavar.

8.The persons   with the  nature   of helping  each other ,
Would not hesitate  to help others, even if  they   becomes  poor.

9.Nayunadayaan   nalkoorthaan   aathal  cheyum  neera,
Cheyyathu  amaikalavaaru  ,

9.To those   who have the nature of helping  others,
Poverty is being  not able   to help  others.

10.Oppuravinaal   varum kedenin   akthoruvan  ,
Vithu kol  thakka  thudaithu  .

10. If some one of the opinion   that  they will  suffer loss  ,
If they   help others , then that  l loss  is proper ,

To have   , even if   one has to  sell himself.

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