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Ozhukkamudamai -!4th chapter of Thirukkural -Possessing good conduct

Ozhukkamudamai -!4th chapter  of Thirukkural
(Possessing good   conduct)

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  (After   the  emphasis   for need  of discipline  in life, Valluvar  emphasizes  on the need for good conduct .He tells I us in several ways   that  the good conduct  is extremely  important   He even says if a  Brahmin foregets Vedas , he can always learn them again. But if  his behavior is  not good , nothing can be  down about it.)

1.Ozhukkam  vizhuppam  tharalan  , ozhukkam,
Uyirunym  Omba padum .

1.Since good   conduct leads  to greatness,
It would be protected  more securely  than life.

2.Parinthombi  kakka  ozhukkam  , therinthombi,
Therinum  akthe  thunai.

2,Good conduct should be protected in spite of suffering,
As thoughtful research  says  it is  your  only  good companion.

3.Ozhukkam udamai  kudimai   yizhukkam,
Yizhintha  pirappai  vidum.

3.Good conduct  indicates  good heritage,
And going away  from it   would bring down   your status.

4.Marappinum   othu  kolalaagum paarppan,
Pirappozhukkam    kundra kedum..

4. If  a Brahmin   forgets   to learn Vedas , he can learn them,
But  if he errs from good  conduct  , none  would believe him to be  a noble one.

5.Azhukkaru   udayan kan , aakkam pondru illai ,
Ozhukkam   yilan  kan  uyarvu.

5.Just like   wealth  deserts  a  person with jealousy ,
Greatness  would desert  him  who does not have  good conduct.

6. Ozhukkathin  olkar   uravor  yizhukkathin ,
Yetham paduma kkarithu.

6.Realizing  the  sin committed by  them by going away ,
From good conduct , the noble ones  would guard ,
Themselves   from slipping away  from good  conduct.

7.Ozhukkathin yeithuvar  menmai   izhukkathin  ,
Yeithuvar   yeithaa pazhi.

7.Greatness  would be reached  by good conduct ,
And by bad conduct  they would reach  great bad name.

8.Nandrikku   vithakum   nallozhukkam  , theeyozhukkam,
Yendrum  idumbai   tharum.

8. Good conduct   is the seed  of Dharma   and bad conduct,
Would always lead to sorrow.

9.Ozhukkam  udayavarkku  ollave  , theeya,
Vazhkkiyum   vaayar   cholar.

9.It is not  proper   for people  with good conduct ,
To tell bad words, even  by forgetting /mistake.

10.Ulakathoduy otta  ozhukal   pala kathum,
Kallaaar   arivilathaar.

10.Those who do not know   how to behave   with ,

People of good conduct , even if learned   are ignorant.

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