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Azhukkaramai –seventeenth chapter of Kural

Azhukkaramai –seventeenth chapter   of Kural 
(Not being jealous/envious )

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    (One of the worst traits that a human being  to have accoding to Valluvar  is jealousy or Envy. Azhukku in Tamil   means dirt and Jealuosy    is called  Azhukkaru . Though the word   does not mean a river of dirt , it implies it. )

1.Ozhukkarak kolga   oruvan  than nenjathu,
Azhukkaru   ilatha   yiyalpu.

1.The one  who adopts  the good  habit  ,  has ,
A heart   which does not have  jealousy  in it.

2.Vizhupethin  akthoppathu   illayar maatum,
Azhukaathin   anmai  perin.

2.A person has  wealth which is  matchless ,
If he does not   get jealous  on any person.

3.Aran aakkam  vendaathaan  yenpan  , piran aakkam,
Penathu   azhukkaruppan.

3.He who does not want  to do Dharma  aiming  to go heaven,
And who does not wealth   to enjoy  in earthly  life  ,
Is the one who  becomes jealous  seeing others wealth.

4.Azhukathin  allavai   cheyyar   yizhukkathin  ,
Yetham  padupakku    arinthu.

4.Understanding   the sorrow   caused by  the wrong path ,
Do not  do evil acts   caused  by jealousy.

5.Azhukkaru  udayaarkku   athuchalum  onnaar,
Vazhukkiyum  kedu eenpathu.

5.Jealousy  only is sufficient  for those  having it
To trouble them and  there is no need   for any enemies.

6.Koduppathu azhukaruppan  chutham uduppathoom,
Unpathoom   indri  kedum.

6.Those  who get jealous   when  wealth is   given to others,
Would get destroyed   without  food and wealth   along  with their relatives.

7.Avvithu   azhukkarudayanai   cheyyaval ,
Thavvayai   katti vidum.

7.He who becomes  jealous  unable to stifle  his mind,
Would be entrusted   to her elder  sister  by MahaLakshmi.

8.Azhukkaru  yena   oru paavi  , thiruchethu ,
Theeuzhi   uythu  vidum.

8.The sinner called jealousy  , after  destroying  his wealth,
Would  lead  him in  the   wrong path.

9.Avviya nenchathaan  aakkamum   chevviyaan,
Kedum ninaikka padum.

9.The wealth of the  a jealous person and  the sufferings ,
Of  one with good conduct, would be both destroyed by his thoughts.

10.Azhukathu  akandraarum  illai , akthilaar,
Perukkathil  theerntharum yil.

10.There is no one who has  become great  due to jealousy,
And there is no one who has moved away from wealth  being not jealous.

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