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Adakkamudamai - possession of self Discipline

(possession  of   self  Discipline )

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 ( Adakkam   could be humility  or discipline . After  going through the entire  ten verses , I thought  self  discipline  is what  the poet aims at. Initial verses suggest   that it is an important wealth of every one  and later  is the two famous verses  about discipline  of the toungue. )

1.Adakkam amararul  utkkum, adangamai ,
Aarirul  uithu vidum

1.Discipline   makes you one of god , its absence ,
Would make   you join the  hell.

2.Kaaka porula   adakkathai   , aakkam,
Athaneenungu   yillai uyirkku.

2.The  thing called Discipline   should be protected ,
For  there  is no greater    wealth   than that.

3,Cherivarinthu   cheermai  payakkum , arivarinthu ,
Aathin  adanga  perin,

3,If  one   knows ,   what he  needs to know, and behaves with discipline  knowing  that ,
It would lead to greatness  which   would be recognized    as  greatness by great ones.

4,Nilayil thiriyathu   adangiyaan  thotham,
Malayinum maana  perithu.

4, Those  who  follow Dharma  under any circumstance ,
But behave   with discipline  look  taller  than a mountain.

5.Yellarkkum nandraam panithal, Avarullum ,,
Chelvokke  , chelvam  thagaithu.

5.Discipline    is great   for everyone   but  for  rich people ,
It  would itself  become a wealth to them.

6.Orumayul aamai pol  iynthadakkal   aathin ,
Yezhumayum  yemappu   udaithu.

6, If one remains   in  one birth,  similar   to the habit of tortoise by disciplining  ,
His  five sense organs, it  would help him  in seven births.

7.Yaa kavarayinum naa kaaka , Kavaakkal  ,
Sokappar   sol izhukku  pattu.

7.Even if you   do not discipline  anything  , discipline  your toungue  ,
If  you  do not  ,  you would  suffer   sorrow  due to mistake in words.

8.Ondraanum  theechol  porut payan  undayin,
Nndaraakaa thaki  vidum.

8.The result of telling even one    hurting word  would take away,
The  effect of   telling good words .

9.Theeyinaal chutta pun ullarum, AArathe,
Naavinaal  chutta vasu

9.The wound caused  by a fire would heal , but ,
That   which  is  caused by  a  toungue  would never   heal.

10..katham kaathu  kathadangal  aattuvaan   chevvi,
Aram parkkum   aathin   nuzhainthu.

10.He who disciplines  his anger , learns wisdom   and lives ,
With humility , would be  welcomed  and received   by Dharma

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