Monday, September 21, 2015

Dedicated to Manga Kunnan of Chelakkara

 Dedicated  to Manga Kunnan of Chelakkara


    I am again trying  to take  back to the  old Chelakkara  Gramam.  There  was a very interesting character called  “Manga KUnnan” roaming the  CHelakkara  Gramam during those days .He was a  harmless and very helpful  mad man of Chelakkara.He always used   to keep on Chanting  “Ippa THanne, Ivada Thanne”   and walk along . The Mamis of the Gramam used  to entrust him several peetty jobs like buying   things from the market. They all  knew  that Manga Kunnan was   extremely honest  and efficient . People used to say that  his name was  “Mangakunnathu  Krishnan Nair “ and he once belonged to a good family  near PLacode  village .This cherished  photo  was  Passed on to me by my cousin Babu Subbaraman , who has permanently settled in  USA.While thanking   for that  nice gesture I would  like to dedicate  this photo  to that  good old mad man , who was   the part  of the life of many of us .I am sure Manga Kunnan never  would have imagined   that  his photo would any time  come  in the internet and that  too in Facebook.

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