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Inna cheyyamai-32nd chapter of Thirukural- (Not causing sorrow to others

Inna cheyyamai-32nd chapter of Thirukural-
(Not causing  sorrow to others.)

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(Thiruvalluvar   feels that all persons including an ascetic should not do acts   which bring sorrow to others.He says that  if some one troubles  you,  try to do good to him in return and then forget about it.)

1.Chirappu yeenum  chelvam  operinum  pirakku  innaa,
Cheyyamai  masaththar   koL

1.Even is we get  wealth which gives greatness to them,
Faultless great people would not cause   sorrow  to others.

2.Karuthinnaa  cheithava kannumm maruthinna,
Cheyyamai  Masaththaar  kol

2.Even if  some one  gives  them  sorrow  due to enmity,
Faultless   great people would not harm to him in return.

3.Cheyyamal  cheththaarkkum   innatha cheithapin,
Uyyaa vizhumam   tharum.

3.Inspite of a person not doing harm to him , if a person,
Feels enmity  and causes trouble to him,
That action  would give him sorrow   from which he cannot escape.

4.Inna cheithaarai oruthal  , avar naana,
Nannayam cheithu vidal

4.The method of punishing  a person causing  sorrow to us ,
Is to make him ashamed  by a good act in return  and forgetting about it.

5,Arivinaan aakuvathundo   pirithi noi,
Than noi poal  poththaa  kadai.

5.What is the use of   our wisdom  , if we  do not consider ,
Sorrows of others like our own sorrow  and try to remove it.

6.Inna yena thaan unarnthavai   thunnamai,
Vendum  piran kan cheyal.

6.When we realize that   an act would cause   sorrow to others,
We should  desist  from doing that act   and cause   trouble to others.

7.Yenaithanum  yejnjnandrum   yaarkum  manathaanaam,
MaNaa cheyyamai   thalai.

7,However small an act may be, if it causes  sorrow to others,
You should never  think of doing it any time   to all others.

8.Thannuyirku   innamai   thaan arivaan  yenkolo,
Mannuyirkku   inna cheyal.

8.What  causes  a person  to do acts which  trouble others,
When he realizes that such acts  done by others   would cause  trouble  to him.

9.Pirarkku innaa  murpakal cheyyin  , thamakku  innaa,
Pirpakal thaame   varum.

9.If we do acts   troubling others in the forenoon,
Those  troubles  would come of their own accord in  the after noon.

10.Noi yellam noi cheithaar  melavaam  , noi cheyyar  ,
Noi  inmai  vendubavar.

10 All troubles  come back to people   who cause  trouble,and so,
People  who want to live without trouble , would  not trouble others.

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