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Vaimai-30th Chapter of Thirukural ( Speaking Truth)

Vaimai-30th Chapter of Thirukural 
( Speaking Truth)

Translated by
1.Vaimai yena paduvathu   yaathenil , yathondrum  .
Theemai illatha chollal.

1.The word truth would mean   that  which,
Does not cause  any harm to any one.

2.Poimayum  vaimai idatha  purai theerntha,
Nanmai payakkum yenin.

2.A lie  is also truth  , if  it  causes,
Faultless    good  to others.

3.Than nenju arivathu poyyarkka  , pointhapin,
Than nenje thannai chudum.

3.Do not tell what your  mind knows  well as a lie,
If you tel then your own mind  would scorch you.

4.Ullathathal poyyathu ozhugin  , ulagathaar,
UllathuL yellam ulan.

4.If one   does not lie according to his conscience,
He would   occupy  the mind of all people of the  world.

5.Manothudu  vaimai mozhiyin, thavathodu  ,
Danam   cheivarin thalai .

5. If a person tells  truth according  his conscience,
He would be  better than people  who  do penance   as well as charity.

6,Poimai  anna   pugazhillai  , yeyyamai  ,
Yella    aramum  tharum.

6.There   is no act  which gives as much  fame as not lying,
And it would  not  put him in sorrow and also   give him all Dharma.

7.POiyamai poiyamai   aaththin  arampiRa,
Cheyyamai cheyyamai  nandru.

7.If one constattly practices  ‘not telling a lie”,
There would be  no need for him  to do other  Dharmas.

8.PuRam  thooymai  neeraan amayum   akam thooymai,
Vaimayal  kana pedum.

8. External  cleanliness  is  maintained by water ,
And the internal cleaniness  of mind is maintained  by  speaking truth.

9.Yellaa vilakkum vilakkalla  , chandrorkkum,
Poyyaa vilakke  vilakku.

9.For the learned and good people  all lamps are not lamps,
But the lamp that shows them light  is “talking truth”.

10.Yaam meyya kandavathul illai   yenai thondrum,
Vaimayin  nalla pira.

10.Among all the things that   we have truly see, There is,
Nothing  which is greater than speaking truth.

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