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Quo Vadis -My thirukkural translations?

Quo Vadis  -My thirukkural translations?


   THirukkral has 133  chapters (note 3+3+1=7)  arranged in three   books viz Arathupal( Book of Dharma) , Porutpal( Book of wealth)  and Kamathupal  (book of love .).Possibly the most accepted   commentary  is written  by Parinel Azhagar(Pretty one  on the top of horse ),Several commentaries in Tamil   exist.  All the commentators are   of the opinion that  Thiruvalluvar  did not  write a chapter on salvation   because  he felt that  those  who live according  to the tenets  that  he has explained  , salvation is automatic..Thirukkural was first translated   in to  Latin first and later  in to English which  was made  in 1886.. It has been later translated  in to 13 different Indian languages   languages. Nine  asian languages   and 14  european languages. Since  I have studied  Thirukkural with lot of interest., I  wanted to translate  it in  my own style. I was hesitant  as  I was  not a master  in Tamil lanuguages and also I thought   there is no further need    of one more  translation  .Anyway , I did the first   chapter  of Kural  entitled praise  of God   and  uploaded  in several social  forums.Many people   seem to like my   translation and I was  encouraged  by many   to translate. I started   doing it   about a month back and as on today  I  have translated  24  chapters.
     AS mentioned    earlier   , the first chapter  is a chapter  praising God.The second is  the praise  of rain, the greatness  of those   who forsake   the  world  and the   fourth   is about a need    to lead   life according   to Dharma,
    The next   twenty chapters  deal about place  of a householder  in the world    and  the next 19 deal  about   how a householder can make his life ideal. The  fifth  chapter  emphasizes   the need for a  Householder  .In the next two chapters  Valluvar  emphasizes  the need of a  wife of good virtue  ., need for children to make it bright.Then he emphasizes   the need  for a house holder to love other, need   for hospitality, talking of only sweet   things. Gratefulness, unbiased nature, need to have  humility, need to have good behavior, not desiring   the wife of others, need for patience, need to be not jealous, need  not to desire wealth earned by others, need not to back bite, need to avoid  talking non sense. Need to  desist from doing evil acts, need  not to expect  gratefulness, charity and getting fane
      From 25th chapter  to 37TH Chapter , Valluvar   deals about  the life of a detached person and in 38 , he deals  about fate. This would bring to and the first book of kural dealing with Dharma.

      I believe   that  as long   as  atleast few people like it  and not many do not like it at all, I should  continue  what I am doing  If any of you think  that my effort  is a wasteful exercise , I am willing to   stop these  translations .

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Divya Balakrishnan said...

No thatha. Please don't stop translating. We are reading all your translations with great interest. The simplicity in your translations is the highlight.