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Thavam-27th Chapter of Thirukural (Penance)

Thavam-27th Chapter of Thirukural

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(In this chapter  THiruvalluvar gives the nature of penance(thapas)  that an ascetic has   to undertake.  Bearing all the sorrows that comes our way and not causing sorrow   to others   is  THapas  according to him.He also clearly  tells us that  a householder need not do Thapas but has   to look after  ascetics.)

1.Uththa noi thondral   uyirkuru kan cheyyamai <
Aththe  thvathir   kuru.

1.Bearing  all their sorrows that occurs
And  not causing sorrow to others   is Penance.

2,Thavamum  thavamudayaarkku aakum , avam athanai,
Akthilaar  Merkolvathu.

2.Only those who have  good Karma can do penance,
Others attempting  it is a waste.

3,Thuranthaarkku   thuppuravu   vendi  marantharkol,
Mathayasvarkal   thavam.

3,Possibly  for protecting  those   sages who  have given up  everything,
The Householder   has  forgotten penance.

4,Onnaar  theralum  uvanthaarai   aakkalum,
Yennin   thavathan   varum,.

4.The ascetic gets the power  to suppress  those  who trouble him,
And to  lift up those  who do good to them.

5.Vendiya  vendiyaangu  yeithalaal  , ceithavam,
Yeendu   muyala padum.

5.Since all that  is desired can be achieved  by penance,
Even the householder   can try to  engage  in the difficult  to do penance.

6.Thavam  cheivaar  tham karumam  cheivaar , maththallar,
Avam cheivaar  aasyulpattu.

6.Those who do penance are  engaged in their duty,
And others are  wastefully doing it because  of desire.

7.Chuda chudarum pon poal oli vidum thunbam,
Chuda chuda norkirpavarkku.

7.Heating and  further  heating makes the gold shine  ,and like that,
If penance  is continued  when  heated by sorrows, the true knowledge  would  shine in them.

8.Thannuyir   thaan   ara peththanai  yenaya  ,
Mannuyir   yellam thozhum.

8.He who has got out of the feeling that  his soul is himself,
Would be saluted by   all the souls.

9.Kootham kuthithalum  kaikoodum  noththalin,
AAthal thalai pattavarkku.

9.Those   who achieve  mastery  over  penance ,
Can even  win over   the  God of death.

10. Yivar palar  aakiya karanam   norppar  ,
Chilar  palar   nolaathavar.

10,The people who have  great achievements are few,
Because  only few do penance  and many do not.

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