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Puram kooramai-19th chapter of Thirukural (Telling about others behind their back/backbiting )

Puram kooramai-19th  chapter of Thirukural
(Telling  about others behind their back/backbiting  )

(THiruvalluvar  next tells us why we should not backbite. According to him the worst possible act for a  human being. He advices us to tell  a person’s fault on his face)

1.Aramkooran   alla  cheyinum  , oruvan,
Punnkooran   yendral inithu,
1.Though a person does not know Dharma  and does only  sins,
If  others say that  he does not backbite  , it is  sweet to hear.

2.Aranazhee  allavai   cheithalin   theethe ,
Puranazhee   poithu nagai.

2,it is worse than doing   acts   against Dharma  ,
To backbite  on others   and  laugh at them falsely .

3.Purankoori poithuyir  vaazhthalin  chathal,
Arankoorum  aakkam tharum.

3.Rather  than   backbiting   and living  , death,
Would give   better  results   of Dharma.

4.Kan nindru kannara   chollinum  , chollarkka,
Mun nindru pin nokkaaa chol.

4.Though we speak  unpleasant words   before a person,
 Do  speak before him rather than in  his back.

5.Aram chollum nenjathan   anmai  puranchollum,
Punmayal kanapadum.

5.The fact that  he does not  have a mind  to speak according to  Dharma  ,
Can be easily  understood  by his evil act of backbiting.

6.Piran pazhi  kooruvaan than pazhi yullum  ,
Thiran therinthu koora  padum.

6 .The person who backbites   should  understand that ,
Other people would tell about his faults   in a similar way.

7.Pakacholli kelir  pirippar  nakacholli,
Natpadal  thethathavar.

7.Ignorant  ones  by backbiting people    would  lose friends  ,
And others by saying things  would  make them joyous  would make friends.

8.THunniyaar  kuthamum   thothum  parabinar <
Yennaikol   yethilaar  maattu.

8. How can those  who  have the habit  of backbiting    close friends,
Not do backbiting  for others  whom they do not know.

9.Aran nokki  aathunkol vaiyam  puran nokki,
Punchol  uraippan  porai.

9.The earth is  tolerating   the  weight  of evil person who backbite,
Thinking that  it is its  Dharma

10.Yethilaar kutham pol  tham kutham  kangir pin ,
Theethundo mannum uyirkku.

10,If the one   who back bites  can also see his  own faults,
No Sorrow   would occur to any established  being.

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